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Dewberry growing.
A guide to growing dewberries in various regions of the United States.
Strip cropping for soil conservation.
Describes the strip cropping method of crop production, for the purpose of erosion control.
Why red clover fails.
Explains the causes and describes methods for preventing red clover failure.
Erosion on roads and adjacent lands.
Discusses the need to protect highway ditches in order to prevent soil erosion damage to public roads and farmlands.
Broomcorn growing and handling.
A guide to growing and selling broomcorn, a sorghum plant used for the making of brooms and whisk brooms.
Preventing feed flavors and odors in milk.
Describes the causes of abnormal flavors and odors in milk; provides methods for ensuring the palatability of milk by controlling cattle feeds and production practices.
Fireproofing Christmas trees.
Describes the use of fire-resisting chemicals as a way to reduce the fire hazard of Christmas trees.
The timothy crop.
A guide to growing timothy-grass for use as livestock feed on the farm.
Date growing in the United States.
Describes the varieties of dates grown in the United States. Provides recommendations for growing dates and controlling the diseases and pests that affect them.
Production of parsnips.
A guide to growing, harvesting, and storing parsnips.
Production of roselle.
A brief guide to growing, harvesting, and using roselle. Includes recipes for making jelly, jam, or drinks from the plant.
Sheep and goat lice : methods of control and eradication.
Describes common species of sheep and goat lice, and methods for their control.
Den hunting as a means of coyote control.
Discusses methods of coyote control on sheep ranges. Describes coyote denning habits and recommends the destruction of coyote young before they reach maturity.
Cauliflower and heading broccoli production.
A guide to growing cauliflower and heading broccoli on the farm.
Selecting hens for egg production.
A guide to evaluating the health and maturity of a hen for the purpose of egg production.
Varieties of common white wheat.
Describes the varieties of white wheat most commonly grown in the United States. The descriptions are organized into seven groups, based on the characteristics of the varieties.
The farm garden.
A guide to starting and cultivating a farm garden.
Game laws for the season 1930-31 : a summary of federal, state, and provincial statutes.
Describes laws and regulations for hunting and fishing in North America.
Growing sweet corn for the cannery.
A guide to planting and growing sweet corn for commercial canning. Includes descriptions of sweet corn varieties and provides suggestions for the practical use of factory wastes.
Collection and preservation of insects for use in the study of agriculture.
Describes methods for collecting, killing, and preserving insects and larvae for displays to be used in the school classroom or by amateur collectors. Also includes instructions for raising live insects in breeding cages.
Rabbit parasites and diseases.
Describes the causes, symptoms, and treatments for diseases and parasites affecting rabbits.
Effective haying equipment and practices for northern Great Plains and inter-mountain regions.
Describes best practices and equipment for handling hay in a cost-effective manner.
Home utilization of muscadine grapes.
Describes the necessary equipment and procedures for making muscadine grape products at home on the farm.
Principles of dairy-barn ventilation.
Explains the importance of ventilation and temperature regulation for dairy barns. Describes various types of barn ventilation systems and how they are constructed.
The windbreak as a farm asset.
Describes the benefits of the windbreak as a means to protect farm properties in the Plains region of the United States. Describes the effect of windbreaks on crop yields.
Vegetable seeds for the home and market garden.
A guide to successful seed-saving for small-scale vegetable gardens.
Chalcid control in alfalfa-seed production.
Describes the damage that the chalcid can cause to an alfalfa seed crop, and various measures that a farmer can take to control it.
Dehorning, castrating, branding, and marking beef cattle.
Describes procedures and equipment used for dehorning, castrating, branding, and marking beef cattle. Explains the use of these procedures as means for loss prevention in the beef industry.
Tomatoes as a truck crop.
Describes how to plant, cultivate, harvest, and transport tomatoes to be sold at market.
Marketing the cowpea seed crop.
Describes ways to maximize the value of the cowpea crop, how to best market it, and how to analyze price trends.
The stock-poisoning death camas.
Describes the varieties of the poisonous death camas plant, how to identify them, and and how they may affect livestock.
Slash pine.
Describes the characteristics of slash pine and the benefits of using it for turpentine gum.
Olive growing in the southwestern United States.
Describes different varieties of olive trees, and methods for successfully growing olives in the southwestern United States.
Diseases, ailments, and abnormal conditions of swine.
Describes the major and minor diseases of swine; discusses the importance of disease control to prevent loss of animals during transport.
The border method of irrigation.
Describes how to irrigate using the border method, and how to prepare the ditches for irrigation.
Sewage and sewerage of farm homes.
Discusses basic sanitation principles. Describes construction and operating methods for home and farm sewage systems.
Floors and floor coverings.
Describes various types of flooring and floor coverings and how to maintain them.
Farm dairy houses.
Describes the importance of a milk house on the farm. Provides construction guidelines, illustrations, and floor plans.
Farmhouse plans.
This bulletin presents 40 house plans including: 1-story growing houses; 1-story houses originally built with two or more separate bedrooms; houses of 1-1/2 or 2 stories; and very small houses.
Containers used in shipping fruits and vegetables.
Describes five types of containers used for shipping fruits and vegetables, and indications for their use. Discusses the benefits of standardized shipping containers.
Dairy farming for beginners.
Presents the factors to consider when deciding whether to start a dairy farm. Discusses markets, feed, capital, buildings, herd selection, record-keeping, and labor requirements.
Preparation of eastern grapes for market.
Describes the harvesting, packing, and handling of eastern grapes for the market. Discusses the leading production sections, the commercial varieties, inspection, packaging, and loading.
Standard breeds and varieties of chickens. II, Continental European, Oriental, and Miscellaneous classes.
Provides brief descriptions and photographs of several breeds and varieties of chickens in the Continental European, Oriental, Game, Ornamental, and Miscellaneous classes.
Apple scab.
Discusses apple scab, its economic impact, distribution, susceptibility of various apples to the disease, and preventive measures.
Blackberry growing.
Describes blackberry varieties and methods of blackberry culture.
Diseases of upland game birds.
Describes the characteristics of various diseases that affect game birds such as quails and prairie chickens.
Trapping and transplanting live beavers.
Describes procedures for trapping and relocating beavers. Relocation is recommended in overpopulated areas or in areas where beavers interfere with farm irrigation.
Game management on the farm.
Describes ways that a farmer can support game on his land to make the best use of otherwise wasted land. Provides an overview of practical game management practices.
The use of bluegrass sod in the control of soil erosion.
Describes how to obtain bluegrass and use it to control gullies and soil erosion. Includes plans for constructing a sod cutter.
Important sugar-beet byproducts and their utilization.
Describes various uses of all the parts of sugar beets and their byproducts.