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Primary view of Dairying in the South.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
Primary view of Good pastures.
Semple, Arthur T. (Arthur Truman), 1895- & Hein, M. A. (Mason August), b. 1894.
May 1943
Primary view of Seeding summer ranges in eastern Oregon and Washington
Rummell, Robert S., 1919- & Holscher, Clark E.
October 1955
Primary view of Cotton ginning.
Meloy, G. S. (Guy Stanley), 1874-
October 1925
Primary view of Inoculation of legumes and nonlegumes with nitrogen-fixing and other bacteria.
Löhnis, Felix, 1874- & Leonard, Lewis T. (Lewis Thompson), 1885-
August 1926
Primary view of Sewing machines: cleaning and adjusting.
Holbrook, Helen S. & Krewatch, Albert V.
August 1943
Primary view of High-grade alfalfa hay : methods of producing, baling, and loading for market
Hosterman, W. H. (William Horace), 1896-
June 1952
Primary view of Garden irises.
Morrison, B. Y. (Benjamin Yoe), 1891-1966
January 1926
Primary view of Irrigating corn.
Francis, C. L. (Chester J.) 1904- & Turelle, J. W.
Primary view of Storage of ear corn on the farm.
Shedd, C. K. (Claude Kedzie), 1884-
September 1949
Primary view of Fitting, showing, and judging hogs.
Russell, E. Z. (Ellsworth Zouave), 1866-
July 1925
Primary view of Cabbage diseases.
Harter, L. L. (Leonard Lee); Jones, L. R. (Lewis Ralph), 1864-1945. & Walker, J. C. (John Charles), 1893-
Primary view of Cranberry harvesting and handling.
Franklin, Henry J. (Henry James), 1883-1958; Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889- & Malde, O. G. (Ole Gustav), 1880-
April 1924
Primary view of Dewberry growing.
Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889-
Primary view of Growing peanuts.
Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882.; Poos, F. W. & Higgins, Bascombe Britt, 1887-1968.
May 1954
Primary view of Buckwheat culture.
Sando, W. J. (William Joseph), 1892-
February 1956
Primary view of Managing the small forest
United States. Forest Service.
September 1957
Primary view of Cutting for profit in Southern pine woodlands.
Bond, W. E. (Walter Edwin), 1891-
July 1951
Primary view of Clean milk production.
Grant, F. M.
Primary view of Lettuce varieties and culture.
Thompson, Ross C. (Ross Calvin), 1896-
Primary view of The dairy herd improvement association program.
Kendrick, J. F. (James Frank), 1904-
April 1953
Primary view of Sagebrush burning : good and bad.
Pechanec, Joseph F. (Joseph Frank), 1910-; Blaisdell, James Pershing, 1918- & Stewart, George, b. 1888
Primary view of Control of flue-cured tobacco root diseases by crop rotation.
Clayton, Edward E.; Gaines, J. G.; Smith, Thomas Earle, 1910-; Shaw, Kendall J. & Graham, T. W. (Thomas William), 1905-
March 1944
Primary view of Snap beans for marketing, canning, and freezing.
Zaumeyer, W. J. (William John)
September 1957