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Dairying in the South.
A guide to dairy farming for new farmers in the South, for the purpose of improving the quality of their products.
Good pastures.
A guide to improving pastures for the purpose of increasing production during wartime.
Seeding summer ranges in eastern Oregon and Washington
Describes the benefits and methods of range seeding, and provides a guide to seeding for various range types.
Cotton ginning.
Describes the the mechanical process of cotton ginning, using a saw gin.
Inoculation of legumes and nonlegumes with nitrogen-fixing and other bacteria.
Describes methods of artificial inoculation of legumes with beneficial bacteria for the purpose of improving root development.
Sewing machines: cleaning and adjusting.
A guide to cleaning and oiling an electric or treadle sewing machine. The guide also includes information on operating, adjusting, and troubleshooting the machine. The table of contents is located at the end of the guide, beginning on page 24.
High-grade alfalfa hay : methods of producing, baling, and loading for market
Discusses the value of high-grade alfalfa hay. Describes recommended methods of preparing alfalfa hay for market.
Garden irises.
Describes different types of irises, and methods for growing them successfully in a home garden.
Irrigating corn.
Describes the benefits of irrigating corn to enable corn farming in arid and semiarid regions, and to increase yields in humid regions.
Storage of ear corn on the farm.
Describes how to build corn cribs to dry and store ear corn on the farm.
Fitting, showing, and judging hogs.
Provides suggestions for selecting and preparing swine for livestock shows and fairs. Describes judging criteria.
Cabbage diseases.
Describes the sources and characteristics of cabbage diseases, and methods of control.
Cranberry harvesting and handling.
Recommends methods of harvesting, handling, storing, and packing cranberries in preparation for market. Discusses the function of cooperative cranberry organizations in relation to sales and prices.
Dewberry growing.
A guide to growing dewberries in various regions of the United States.
Growing peanuts.
A guide to growing, harvesting, and selling peanuts. Includes descriptions of peanut varieties.
Buckwheat culture.
Describes methods of growing buckwheat, and ways to use the crop.
Managing the small forest
A guide to the basic principles of forest management, for use by small forest owners.
Cutting for profit in Southern pine woodlands.
A guide to managing farm woodlands as a source of income, with a focus on loblolly and shortleaf pine and hardwoods.
Clean milk production.
An overview of methods and equipment recommended for producing milk that is free of foreign matter or bacteria.
Lettuce varieties and culture.
Describes the different varieties of lettuce and the steps necessary for producing a quality lettuce crop.
The dairy herd improvement association program.
A guide to organizing and operating a dairy-herd-improvement association for the purpose of maintaining records used to improve the profitability of herds.
Sagebrush burning : good and bad.
Describes best practices for burning sagebrush and the grazing management to be used after burning to improve the production of forage on rangelands.
Control of flue-cured tobacco root diseases by crop rotation.
Describes farming methods that prevent root diseases in flue-cured tobacco.
Snap beans for marketing, canning, and freezing.
Discusses the importance of snap beans as a crop, its adaptability and varieties, its planting and care, as well as its disease and insect enemies and how to control them.
Strip cropping for soil conservation.
Describes the strip cropping method of crop production, for the purpose of erosion control.
Treatment of white pines infected with blister rust.
Describes the symptoms and treatment of blister rust disease on white pine trees.
Pear growing in the Pacific Coast states.
Describes pear varieties of the Pacific Coast states, and how to grow them.
Feeding chickens.
A guide to feeding chickens for the production of quality meat and eggs.
Black walnut for timber and nuts.
A guide to growing black walnut trees for timber, nut crops, or ornamental use.
Potato growing in the South.
Provides detailed information on potato farming in 13 different southern states including cultivation and soil conservation practices, and identifying and controlling diseases and insects.
Potato production in the northeastern and north central states.
A guide to growing and selling potatoes in the northeastern and north central United States.
Home storage of vegetables and fruits
Describes what facilities should be used in storing fruits and vegetables at home.
Diseases of swine.
Describes the characteristics of a variety of diseases of swine, and methods for their prevention and treatment.
Reducing losses from tree diseases in eastern forests and farm woodlands.
Describes diseases and other problems affecting trees in farm woodlands of the eastern United States. Provides suggested methods of disease control.
Determining the age of farm animals by their teeth.
A guide to determining the approximate age of livestock by observing the apparent development and wear of their teeth.
Better feeding of livestock.
Discusses best practices in livestock feeding. Provides instructions for preparing feeds for various types of livestock on the farm.
Fitting dresses.
A guide to fitting and altering ready-made dresses, or home-sewn dresses that that have been cut and basted. Does not include instructions for pattern alterations.
Using 2,4-D safely.
Describes the chemical broadleaf herbicide 2,4-D, and methods of applying it to prevent damage to farm crops, animals, and humans.
Disease-resistant and hardy oats for the South.
Describes winter-hardy and disease-resistant oat varieties, and best practices for growing them.
Lupines : new legumes for the South.
A guide to growing the lupine plant for use as a winter cover crop.
Shortleaf pine primer.
A guide to growing shortleaf pine trees as a timber crop.
Broomcorn growing and handling.
A guide to growing and selling broomcorn, a sorghum plant used for the making of brooms and whisk brooms.
Beef cattle for breeding purposes.
Describes how to select and manage beef cattle that will be used for breeding.
Care and repair of mowers and binders.
A guide to repairing and maintaining farm mowers and binders.
Treatment and care of tree wounds.
Describes the causes of tree injuries and provides several methods of treatment for them.
Range sheep production.
A guide to raising sheep for wool or meat. Describes various sheep breeds and the types of wool produced. Describes how to select, manage, and sell sheep or lambs, and how to prevent loss from diseases or other hazards.
Selecting hens for egg production.
A guide to evaluating the health and maturity of a hen for the purpose of egg production.
Diseases and parasites of poultry.
Describes various diseases and parasites which affect poultry, and methods of treatment.
Varieties of common white wheat.
Describes the varieties of white wheat most commonly grown in the United States. The descriptions are organized into seven groups, based on the characteristics of the varieties.
The farm garden.
A guide to starting and cultivating a farm garden.