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Radiotelephone procedure
"The purpose of this manual is to acquaint radio operators and pilots of the Army Air Forces with radiotelephone procedure"
Domestic disturbances
"This manual presents the principles for the employment of troops during domestic disturbances and the essential substances of the more important laws relating to the employment of military forces in the aid of civil authorities with the applicable War Department policies"
Elementary map and aerial photograph reading
This manual covers elementary map reading, conventional signs and military symbols, distances and scales, directions adn azimuths, coordinates, relief, slopes, profiles and visibility, map reading in the field, and aerial photograph reading to an extent sufficient to permit soldiers adn platoon leaders to read aerial photographs and aerial mosaics.
Field fortifications
"This manual describes field fortification methods and gives details of construction of entrenchments, emplacements, and shelters. It also outlines the principles of terrain appreciation which apply to field fortifications, and explains how to combine individual field fortifications into a unified system by means of organization of the ground."
Heat treating and inspection of metals
This report discusses these topics: I. Principles of heat treating -- II. Heat-treating equipment -- III. General heat treatment of steel -- IV. Specific heat treatments for aircraft steels -- V. General heat treatment of aluminum alloys -- VII. Hardness testing -- VIII. Magnaflux inspection.
Military police in towns and cities
"This manual is designed to furnish a guide for officers and enlisted men assigned the mission of patrolling civil communities, and is limited to those principles and techniques which they must know and apply.
"The purpose of this manual is three-fold: a. To give you those basic principles of watermanship that will enable you to meet with confidence any emergency that may arise. b. To teach you certain fundamental practices used during small landing-craft operations. c. To show you how to swim small lakes or rivers under combat conditions."
A guide to the operation and maintenance of lathes for general shop work.
Grinding machines
This report provides the definition of grinding and discusses different processes, types, and operations of grinding.
Ranges, bake ovens and burners for other mess equipment: inspections and preventive maintenance services
"This technical manual describes operation, first and second echelon inspections and preventative maintenance services, and technical inspections of ranges, bake ovens, and burners for mess equipment."
Inspection and preventive maintenance services for kitchen equipment.
"This Technical Manual describes the inspections and services necessary to maintain the efficiency and prolong the life of kitchen equipment."
Aircraft mechanics tools.
A manual for the beginning airplane mechanic. Discusses the proper use and care of tools.
Aircraft radio shop practice.
Discusses maintenance and repair of the component parts of aircraft radio equipment, and the correct use of tools.
Applied physics for airplane mechanics.
Describes basic principles of physics for use in the training of airplane mechanics.
Browning machine gun caliber .50, M2, aircraft, fixed and flexible.
"In addition to a description of the Browning machine gun, caliber .50, M2, aircraft, fixed and flexible, this manual contains technical information required for the identification, use, and care of the materiel."
Cardiograph, portable.
A guide to the operation and maintenance of the portable electrocardiograph.
Cavalry reconnaissance troop, mechanized.
"The scope of the manual includes discussion and illustration of organization, equipment, training, and methods of employment of the mechanized cavalry reconnaissance troop and its components, designed to simplify and speed training and to facilitate understanding of basic doctrine."
20-MM aircraft gun matériel M1 and M2.
"In addition to a description of the 20-mm aircraft gun matériel M1 and M2, this manual contains technical information required for the identification, use, and care of the matériel."
Barracks, portable, prefrabricated, 20' x 48' steel (channel frame) insulated : procedure for erecting.
Provides step by step instructions for the erection of prefabricated Army buildings and possible additional units. Provides a list of parts and markings.
Notes on physiology in aviation medicine.
Discusses the physical effects of flight, and the mechanics and chemistry of respiration.
Army medical supply depot.
A guide for army medical supply depot personnel. Discusses establishment, operation, organization, employment, and training standards.
Packing and crating : repairs and utilities.
Instructions for packing military supplies, as well as household goods and personal effects. Topics covered include corrosion prevention and materials used for packaging and shipping.
Physiological aspects of flying.
"The purpose of this manual is to endeavor to explain in everyday terms the various physical and physiological problems that arise during flying, and to give in detail the latest knowledge of proved solutions to these problems." (--Page 2.)
Physical reconditioning.
Describes the purpose and functions of the Physical Reconditioning portion of the U.S. Army's Reconditioning Program, for the treatment of convalescent soldiers who have been wounded or who have experienced prolonged illness.
Plumbing : repairs and utilities
"This manual prescribes materials and methods used to operate, maintain, and repair plumbing systems in Army buildings. Installation details covering alterations and additions to existing facilities are also discussed."
Pneumatic ponton bridge M3
Discusses the purpose and usage of the pneumatic pontoon bridge M3 by infantry in the field. Covers construction, deployment, and maintenance.
Sinusoidal machine.
"These instructions are published for the information and guidance of all personnel charged with the operation and maintenance of the McIntosh Electric Corporation Model No. 5018 of Sinusoidal Machine, Portable, for Galvanic, Faradic and Rapid Sinusoidal Currents, 110-Volt, 60-Cycle, Medical Department item No. 7132005 ... in the field. They contain information on the operation and maintenance of the equipment ...."
Space heaters : repairs and utilities.
"This Technical Manual provides information on construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of Army space heaters used in the zone of interior."
Mask type oxygen therapy outfit, complete, and oxygen therapy outfit, with manifold.
A guide to the assembly, operation, maintenance, and repair of two types of oxygen therapy equipment.
Materials for protective concealment
Discusses protective concealment (camouflage) as it matters to the soldier. Covers materials and uses as well as other equipment to be employed.
Roofing : repairs and utilities
"This technical manual discusses the principal causes of failures of roofs on Army Buildings, outlines methods of repairing and renovating roofs and flashings, and describes reroofing."
Serological water baths : items 4479008 and 4480008.
A guide to the operation of standard gable type water baths suitable for Wassermann or serological inactivation work.
Ordnance maintenance : 3-inch antiaircraft gun matériel, M2A2, M2A1, M1A2, M1A1, T1A2, and T1A1
Provides instructions for inspection, disassembly and assembly, and maintenance and repair of 3-inch antiaircraft gun matériel, including the use of special repair tools.
Ordnance maintenance : azimuth instrument M1918 and M1918A2
Discusses the azimuth instruments M1918 and M1918A2 in terms of their purposes, operations, maintenance, assembly, disassembly, and repair.
Ordnance maintenance : Browning machine gun, caliber .50, all types
Contains detailed instructions for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of six types of caliber .50 Browning machine guns.
Ordnance maintenance : compass M2
Provides instructions for the inspection, assembly, disassembly, maintenance, and repair of the compass M2, the standard compass of the Field Artillery.
Ordnance maintenance : plotting boards for field artillery
Contains instructions for inspection, assembly, disassembly, maintenance, and repair of plotting boards for field artillery.
Ordnance maintenance : prismatic compass, M1918.
Describes the Prismatic Compass, M1918 and provides instructions for its operation, maintenance, and its functions in relation to various types of field artillery.
Dental X-ray machine (items 6088005, 6088010)
Describes the components and maintenance of two types of dental x-ray machines.
Electrical facilities : generating plants, repairs and utilities
"This Technical Manual describes the various types of electric generating equipment used on Army posts and discusses its operation, maintenance, and repair."
Electro-surgical unit, portable.
A guide to the assembly, operation, maintenance, and packing of the Portable Electro-Surgical Unit issued by the Army Medical Department.
Field artillery trainer, M3.
A guide to the use and maintenance of the field artillery trainer M3, a miniature gun mounted on a miniature carriage for use in conduct of fire training.
Gasoline stoves and burners
Provides instructions for the operation and maintenance of gasoline stoves and burners used as sources of heat in medical equipment, such as sterilizers, autoclaves, incubators, and a distilling apparatus. Contains descriptions of the major units and their functions.
Inspections and preventive maintenance services for buildings and structures, grounds, roads and pavements, railroads
"This Technical Manual provides information to help the post engineer formulate and carry out a preventative maintenance program for buildings, structures, roads, runways, railroads, grounds, pest control, and related phases of real property maintenance."
Inspections and preventive maintenance services for coal-handling equipment.
"This technical manual is a guide for personnel who operate and maintain coal conveyors, stackers, car unloaders, and coal crushers." Discusses maintenance procedures, forms, and required inspections.
Lesson plans on practical firemanship.
"This Technical Manual is a guide to assist those who train post firefighters. It consists of a series of lesson plans covering each phase of firemanship, and a brief explanation of how to use the plans."
Livens projector MI.
"This manual is intended for the using services. It gives all necessary information about the construction, function, and identification of all standard materiel pertaining to the Livens projector MI assembly, with directions for shipping and storage."
Maintenance policies, publications, and forms.
Designed to familiarize Army Air Forces personnel with publications, forms, and policies, in order to ensure efficient aircraft maintenance and standardized practices.
Coal handling : repairs and utilities
"This Technical Manual describes uniform methods of coal handling for Army posts, camps, and stations. Methods are presented to insure efficient and economical operation, based on accepted commercial practices adapted to meet requirements of Army installations."
Concrete and masonry : repairs and utilities.
"This Technical Manual describes materials, equipment, and methods used in new concrete and masonry work at Army posts. It also covers repair and maintenance of existing concrete and masonry."