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Bamboo in the United States : description, culture, and utilization.
Describes the different varieties of bamboo and how to cultivate them. Provides information on insect pests and preparing bamboo for market. Discusses ways in which bamboo can be used on the farm, in the home, and for manufactured products.
Books for children: a guide for parents.
Briefly outlines the benefits of books for children. Provides instructions for making a picture book and writing a story for children.
The cherry blossoms, Washington DC
A brochure and map describing the history and locations of Japanese cherry trees in Washington, D.C.
The church and agricultural progress.
Describes the role of agriculture in the United States from a Christian perspective.
Equipment for clearing brush from land.
Describes various types of farm equipment used to clear brush. Provides indications for use depending on the size of the land to be cleared.
Facts about wind erosion and dust storms on the Great Plains.
Describes the history and conditions of drought, wind erosion, and dust storms in the Great Plains; discusses long-range conservation programs and emergency measures.
Getting started in farming.
Describes various ideas a farmer should consider when starting a new farm.
Grass waterways in soil conservation.
Describes how to establish grass-protected waterways on farm fields to prevent soil erosion.
Home storage of vegetables and fruits
Describes what facilities should be used in storing fruits and vegetables at home.
Home tanning of leather and small fur skins.
Describes the process for tanning hides and skins for leather and fur.
Legume inoculation: what it is, what it does.
Describes the methods and effects of inoculation through introducing legume bacteria into soil.
Making land produce useful wildlife.
Discusses the benefits of biological balance on ranches and farms. Describes ways to allow wildlife to flourish for the purposes of hunting, trapping, fishing and other recreation.
Planning the farm for profit and stability.
Discusses the benefits of farm planning for saving labor, conserving soil, and landscaping for enjoyment, and increasing profitability and stability of the farm.
Varieties of alfalfa.
Provides brief descriptions of numerous varieties of alfalfa grown in the United States, and their distinct characteristics.
Welcome to the cherry blossoms.
A brochure describing the history and locations of cherry trees in Washington, D.C.