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Newspapers in Microform: United States


CRANSTON (Contmued)
Cranston news. Jl 1,1922-D 1927. w
Merged with Cranston City times to form Newstimes.

McP m J1 1922-1927
Cranston news. 1929-1939. w
Continues News-times.
Published in Providence, 1939-1940.
McP m 1929-1939
News-times. Ja-D 1928. w
Continues Cranston City times, and Cranston
Continued by Cranston news.
McP m 1928

East Greenwich news. Ap 21,1927-Je 28,1934.
Merged with Rhode Island pendulum to form
Rhode Island pendulum and East Greenwich
McP m Ap 1927-Je 1934

Greenwich enterprise. 1888-1889.
McP m 1888-1889



Kent County atlas. Jl 10-Ag 28,1852. w
Published in Phenix, 1850-1852.
Merged with East Greenwich observer to form
Kent County atlas and East Greenwich
McP m Jl-Ag 1852
Kent County atlas and East Greenwich observer.
S 1852-Je 25,1853. w
Continues Kent County atlas, and East Greenwich
McP m S 1852-1853

Kent County news. 0 17,1913-N 13,1914.
McP m 0 1913-N 1914


Record and guide. 1966- w
Published in Providence 1916-1965.
McP m 1966RHi
s 1966Rhode
Island pendulum. Je 21,1856Je
30,1934. w
Continues Weekly pendulum and general advertiser
for Kent and Washington counties.
Merged with East Greenwich news to form
Rhode Island pendulum and East Greenwich
McP m [1856]; 1857-1934
Rhode Island pendulum. 1938- w
Continues Rhode Island pendulum and East
Greenwich news.
McP m 1938Rhode
Island pendulum and East Greenwich news,
J1 1934-1937. w
Continues Rhode Island pendulum, 1856-1934,
and East Greenwich news.
Continued by Rhode Island pendulum,
m' 1934-1937
Weekly pendulum and general advertiser for Kent
and Washington counties. ,My 27,1854-.
Je 14,1856. w,
Continued by Rhode Island penduli
McP m [1854-1856]
East Providence eagle. Je 14,1882-1919? w
McP m 1882-1887; 1895-1919

East Providence mirror. 1897-1906?
McP m [1899-1901]

East Providence post. 1955McP
m 1955



East Providence record. 0 31,1885-0 18,
1889. w
Absorbed by the Olneyville times, Olneyville.
McP m [1885-1889]

East Providence standard.
McP m [1929-1931]
East Providence transcript.
McP m [1947-19491

1929-1931? w
? ?

Leader. 0 31,1930-S 11,1931. w
McP m [1930-1931]
O Popular. Ap 2,1914-1939. , w
In Portuguese.
McP m [1933-1936]
Rhode Islander. Ag 1891-1919. w
Published in Onleyville, 1884-Jl 1891.
McP m Ag 1891-1917
Observer. 1956McP
m 1956HOPE

Hope Valley advertiser. 1881-Ap 1883.
Continues Wood River advertiser.
Continued by Sentinel advertiser.
McP m 1881-1882

Hope Valley advertiser. My 1894-?
Continues Sentinel advertiser.
MpP m My 1894-1941



Hope Valley free press. Jl 1891-J1 6,1904?
McP m';900-1904 ' '
. I ,:8


Sentmel advertiser. My 3,1883-Ap 26,1894. w
Continues Hope Valley advertiser, 18811883.

Continued by Hope Valley advertiser, 1894McP
m [1883-1894]

Wood River advertiser. Ja 6,1876-1880. w
Continued by Hope Valley advertiser, 18811883.

McP m 1876-1880
Howard times. ? w
McP m 1885-1905

Rhode Island advocate. -N 4,1831-1832?
McP m N 1831-N 23,1832

Blackstone valley argus.
McP m [1882-1884]


D 2,1882-1884.


Daily times. 1880-1910 ? d
McP m 11895-1899; 1905-1910J

Narragansett herald. Ap 1877-1901? w
Continues Narragansett herald and Hopkinton
gazette, and the North Kinston courier.
McP m 1877-1898
Narragansett herald and Hopkinton gazette and North
Kinston courier. Ap 21,1876-Ap 13,1877. w
Continued by Narragansett herald.
McP m 1876
Narragansett Pier breeze. S 1,1917-Ap 27,
1918. w
McP m [1917-1918]

Seaside topics. Je 24,1905-1922.
McP m 1915-1917


L'Alba. 1919?-19517 sw
In Italian and English.
Published in Providence, R. I., 1910-1917?
McP m [S 20,1919-19311;1932-1935
RHi s S 20,1919-D 28, 1935

All hands abandon ship. 1970?-1972?
WHi m* s 0 1970-1972
Freshest advices
see Newport mercury


Gazette frangoise. N 17,1780-1781. w
In French
AuCNL smp 1780-1781 MeU smp N 1780AuSU
smp 1780-1781 Ja 1781
CFS smp 1780-1781 MiU s 1780-1781
CLobS s 1780-1781 NcGrE smp N 1780CSdS
s 1780-1781 Ja 1781
CtY smp 1780-1781 OKentU smp N 1780DGU
smp 1780-Ja 1781 Ja 1781
DeU smp N 1780- OU smp N 1780-Ja 1781
Ja 1781 OkS smp N 1780-Ja 1781
IEN smp 1780-1781 PEsS smp N 1780InNd
smp N 1780- Ja 1781
Ja 1781 PPAmP smp 1780MB
smp N 1780- , Ja 1781
Ja 1781 PSt s 1780-1781
MH s 1780-1781 RPB smp N 1780MdBJ
smp N 1780- Ja 1781
Ja 1781 Readex mp N 1780Na

Guardian of liberty. O 3,1800 -S 26,1801.
Continued by Rhode Island Republican,
McP m [1800-1801]
Readex mp Je 20,1801

Newport advertiser. Ja 1852-D 8,1864.
Continues Newport weekly advertiser.
McP m 1852-1864



Newport daily news. My 4,1846- d
GmNE m 1846-D 1914; Ja-Mr 1943; 0 19491947

McP m 1892-1949
RU s 1972Newport
daily observer. S 1888-Je 30,1894.
Continues Newport daily observer and the
McP m [1888-1894]
Newport enterprise. Mr 1,1886-S 23,1897.
McP m [Mr 1886-S 1897]


Newport herald. Mr 1,1787-1791. w
AuCNL smp 1787-1791 MdBJ smp 1787-1791
AuSU smp 1787-1791 MeU smp 1787-1791
CFS smp 1787-1791 MiU s 1787-1791
CLobS s 1787-1791 NcGrE smp 1787-1791
CSdS s 1787-1791 OKentU smp 1787-1791
CtY smp 1787-1791 OU smp 1787-1791
DGU smp 1787-1791 OkS smp 1787-1791
DeU smp 1787-1791 PEsS smp 1787-1791
IEN mp 1787-1791 PPAmP smp 1787-1791
InNd smp 1787-1791 PSt s 1787-1791

MB smp 1787-1791
MH s 1787-1791
McP m 1787-1791

RPB smp 1787-1791
Readex mp 1787-1791


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