Photoacoustically Measured Speeds of Sound and the Equation of State of HBO2: On Understanding Detonation with Boron Fuel Metadata

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  • Main Title Photoacoustically Measured Speeds of Sound and the Equation of State of HBO2: On Understanding Detonation with Boron Fuel


  • Author: Zaug, J M
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  • Name: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Livermore, California
    Additional Info: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA


  • Creation: 2010-03-09


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  • Content Description: Elucidation of geodynamic, geochemical, and shock induced processes is limited by challenges to accurately determine molecular fluid equations of state (EOS). High pressure liquid state reactions of carbon species underlie physiochemical mechanisms such as differentiation of planetary interiors, deep carbon sequestration, propellant deflagration, and shock chemistry. In this proceedings paper we introduce a versatile photoacoustic technique developed to measure accurate and precise speeds of sound (SoS) of high pressure molecular fluids and fluid mixtures. SoS of an intermediate boron oxide, HBO{sub 2} are measured up to 0.5 GPa along the 277 C isotherm. A polarized exponential-6 interatomic potential form, parameterized using our SoS data, enables EOS determinations and corresponding semi-empirical evaluations of >2000 C thermodynamic states including energy release from bororganic formulations. Our thermochemical model propitiously predicts boronated hydrocarbon shock Hugoniot results.
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  • Conference: Presented at: 14th International Detonation Symposium, Coeur d'alene, ID, United States, Apr 11 - Apr 16, 2010


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  • Report No.: LLNL-PROC-425265
  • Grant Number: W-7405-ENG-48
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 978426
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