Towards consistent chronology in the early Solar System: high resolution 53Mn-53Cr chronometry for chondrules. Metadata

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  • Main Title Towards consistent chronology in the early Solar System: high resolution 53Mn-53Cr chronometry for chondrules.


  • Author: Yin, Q
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  • Creation: 2007-05-02


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  • Content Description: New high-precision {sup 53}Mn-{sup 53}Cr data obtained for chondrules extracted from a primitive ordinary chondrite, Chainpur (LL3.4), define an initial {sup 53}Mn/{sup 55}Mn ratio of (5.1 {+-} 1.6) x 10{sup -6}. As a result of this downward revision from an earlier higher value of (9.4 {+-} 1.7) x 10{sup -6} for the same meteorite (Nyquist et al. 2001), together with an assessment of recent literature, we show that a consistent chronology with other chronometers such as the {sup 26}Al-{sup 26}Mg and {sup 207}Pb-{sup 206}Pb systems emerges in the early Solar System.
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  • Journal Name: Astrophysical Journal, vol. 662, N/A, June 10, 2007, L43-L46; Journal Volume: 662


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