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  • Main Title The Beta-Neutrino Correlation in Sodium-21 and Other Nuclei


  • Author: Vetter, Paul A.
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  • Author: Abo-Shaeer, Jamil
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  • Author: Freedman, Stuart J.
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  • Author: Maruyama, Reina
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  • Sponsor: USDOE Director. Office of Science. NuclearPhysics
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  • Name: World Scientific
  • Name: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Berkeley, California
    Additional Info: Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA (United States)


  • Creation: 2008-01-16


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  • Content Description: We have measured the mbox beta - nu correlation coefficient,a_beta nu, in 21Na using a laser-trapped sample. We measure the energyspectrum of the recoil nuclei by measuring their time-of-flight incoincidence with the atomic electrons shaken off in beta decay. Highdetectionefficiency of these low-energy electrons allows good countingstatistics, even with low trap density, which suppresses thephotoassociation of molecular sodium, which can cause a large systematicerror. Our measurement, with a 1 percent fractional uncertainty, agreeswith the Standard Model prediction but disagrees with our previousmeasurement which was susceptible to error introduced by molecularsodium. We summarize precise measurements of a_ beta nu and theirconsequences for searches for Beyond Standard Model scalar and tensorcurrent couplings.


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  • Conference: The Fourth Argonne/INT/MSU/JINA RIA TheoryWorkshop on Rare Isotopes and Fundamental Symmetries, Seattle,Washington, September 19 - 22, 2007


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  • Report No.: LBNL--63798
  • Grant Number: DE-AC02-05CH11231
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