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  • Main Title Lightest Isotope of Bh Produced Via the 209Bi(52Cr,n)260BhReaction


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  • Creation: 2007-05-07


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  • Content Description: The lightest isotope of Bh known was produced in the new {sup 209}Bi({sup 52}Cr,n){sup 260}Bh reaction at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's 88-Inch Cyclotron. Positive identification was made by observation of eight correlated alpha particle decay chains in the focal plane detector of the Berkeley Gas-Filled Separator. {sup 260}Bh decays with a 35{sub -9}{sup +19} ms half-life by alpha particle emission mainly by a group at 10.16 MeV. The measured cross section of 59{sub -20}{sup +29} pb is approximately a factor of four larger than compared to recent model predictions. The influences of the N = 152 and Z = 108 shells on alpha decay properties are discussed.


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  • Journal Name: Physical Review Letters; Journal Volume: 100; Related Information: Journal Publication Date: 2008


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