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  • Main Title Field Trial Results of an Improved Refractory Material for Slagging Gasifiers


  • Author: Bennett, J. P.
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  • Author: Kwong, K.-S.
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  • Author: Powell, C. P.
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  • Author: Petty, A. V., Jr.
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  • Author: Prior, H. D.
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    Creator Info: (ANH Refractories, West Mifflin, PA)
  • Author: Schnake, M.
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    Creator Info: (Harbison Walker, Fulton, MO)


  • Sponsor: United States. Office of Fossil Energy.
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  • Name: University of Pittsburgh. School of Engineering.
    Place of Publication: [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
  • Name: Albany Research Center (United States. Bureau of Mines)
    Place of Publication: Albany, Oregon
    Additional Info: Albany Research Center (ARC), Albany, OR
  • Name: National Energy Technology Laboratory (U.S.)
    Place of Publication: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Additional Info: National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Pittsburgh, PA, and Morgantown, WV


  • Creation: 2006-09-01


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  • Content Description: Gasifiers are used commercially to react a carbon feedstock with water and oxygen under reducing conditions; producing chemicals used as feedstock for other processes, fuel for power plants, and/or steam used in other processes. A gasifier acts as a high temperature, high pressure reaction chamber, typically operating between 1250-1575°C, and with pressures between 300-1000 psi. Ash that originates from mineral impurities in the carbon feedstock becomes a by-product of gasification. In a slagging gasifier it melts, forming a liquid which flows down the gasifier sidewall; penetrating and wearing away the refractory liner by corrosive dissolution, abrasive wear, or by other processes such as spalling. The refractory liner must withstand the severe service environment, protecting the steel shell against corrosive gases, temperature, and material wear. Users have identified refractory service life as the most important limitation to sustained on-line availability of gasifiers, limiting gasifier acceptance and use by industry. The National Energy Technology Laboratory in Albany, OR, has developed and patented (US Patent # 6,815,386) a phosphate containing high chrome oxide refractory for use in slagging gasifiers. In cooperation with ANH Refractories Company, this refractory material has been commercially produced and is undergoing field tests in commercial gasifiers. An analysis of data from these field tests indicates that the phosphate containing refractory results in an improved service life over other refractory materials currently used as gasifier liners. Results from the post-mortem analysis of the field trial in relation to the failure mechanisms in a slagging gasifier will be presented.


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  • Conference: 23rd Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, Sept. 25-28, 2006


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  • Report No.: DOE/NETL-IR-2006-158
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  • Display Note: Publisher - in 23rd Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, CD-ROM Proceedings, ISBN 1-890977-23-3, paper 31-3.pdf, 9 pp.