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  • Main Title Constraints on B and Higgs physics in minimal low energy supersymmetric models


  • Author: Carena, Marcela
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  • Author: Menon, A.
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  • Author: Noriega-Papaqui, R.
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  • Name: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Batavia, Illinois
    Additional Info: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL), Batavia, IL


  • Creation: 2006-03-01


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  • Content Description: We study the implications of minimal flavor violating low energy supersymmetry scenarios for the search of new physics in the B and Higgs sectors at the Tevatron collider and the LHC. We show that the already stringent Tevatron bound on the decay rate B{sub s} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -} sets strong constraints on the possibility of generating large corrections to the mass difference {Delta} M{sub s} of the B{sub s} eigenstates. We also show that the B{sub s} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -} bound together with the constraint on the branching ratio of the rare decay b {yields} s{gamma} has strong implications for the search of light, non-standard Higgs bosons at hadron colliders. In doing this, we demonstrate that the former expressions derived for the analysis of the double penguin contributions in the Kaon sector need to be corrected by additional terms for a realistic analysis of these effects. We also study a specific non-minimal flavor violating scenario, where there are flavor changing gluino-squark-quark interactions, governed by the CKM matrix elements, and show that the B and Higgs physics constraints are similar to the ones in the minimal flavor violating case. Finally we show that, in scenarios like electroweak baryogenesis which have light stops and charginos, there may be enhanced effects on the B and K mixing parameters, without any significant effect on the rate of B{sub s} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -}.
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  • Journal Name: Phys.Rev.D74:015009,2006


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  • Report No.: FERMILAB-PUB-06-044-T
  • Grant Number: AC02-76CH03000
  • DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.74.015009
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 892518
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