U.S.-EU Trade and Economic Relations: Key Policy Issues for the 112th Congress Metadata

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  • Main Title U.S.-EU Trade and Economic Relations: Key Policy Issues for the 112th Congress
  • Series Title 112th Congress


  • Author: Ahearn, Raymond J.
    Creator Type: Personal
    Creator Info: Specialist in International Trade and Finance


  • Name: Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
    Place of Publication: Washington D.C.


  • Creation: 2012-01-18


  • English


  • Content Description: U.S. and European private stakeholders, concerned about slow growth, job creation, and increased competition from emerging economies, have urged Brussels and Washington to strengthen transatlantic trade and economic ties by reducing or eliminating remaining trade barriers and by cooperating more closely in addressing global economic challenges. A select group of these issues are examined in this report.
  • Physical Description: 19 pages.


  • Legislative Indexing Vocabulary: Trade
  • Legislative Indexing Vocabulary: International trade
  • Legislative Indexing Vocabulary: Foreign economic relations - European Union - U.S.
  • Legislative Indexing Vocabulary: Foreign economic relations - U.S. - European Union
  • Keyword: European Union

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