Application of Triple Coincidence for the Detection of Small Amounts of Special Nuclear Materials Metadata

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  • Main Title Application of Triple Coincidence for the Detection of Small Amounts of Special Nuclear Materials


  • Author: DIOSZEGI, I.
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  • Author: Salwen, C.
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  • Author: and Forman, L.
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  • Sponsor: United States. Department of Energy. Office of Science.
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  • Name: Brookhaven National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: United States


  • Creation: 2011-06-12


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  • Content Description: We constructed a device that measures two {gamma}-rays and one neutron from spontaneous fission and any resulting multiplication chains. It extends the associated particle technique based upon correlated counting of the multiplicity of gamma-rays and neutrons released in spontaneous- or neutron-induced fission. There are two advantages in incorporating a third detector in the design over the standard two-detector version. First, we found that random uncorrelated events dominate the background of coincident counting with a gamma-ray- and neutron-detector. These might be suppressed by requiring an additional coincidence. Second, the time history of gamma-ray emission between the two gamma-ray detectors is related to multiplication in the target media. Multiplication in highly enriched uranium is much greater than in depleted uranium.


  • Keyword: Fission
  • Keyword: Targets Special Nuclear Material
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  • Keyword: Depleted Uranium
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  • Conference: 11th International Conference on Applications of Nuclear Techniques (CRETE11 Conference); Crete, Greece; 20110612 through 20110618


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  • Report No.: BNL--95366-2011-CP
  • Grant Number: DE-AC02-98CH10886
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 1025479
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