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  • Main Title Testing the OPERA Superluminal Neutrino Anomaly at the LHC


  • Author: Davoudiasl, Hooman
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  • Creation: 2012-03-15


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  • Content Description: The OPERA collaboration has reported the observation of superluminal muon neutrinos, whose speed v{sub {nu}} exceeds that of light c, with (v{sub {nu}}-c)/c {approx_equal} 2.5 x 10{sup -5}. In a recent work, Cohen and Glashow (CG) have refuted this claim by noting that such neutrinos will lose energy, by pair-emission of particles, at unacceptable rates. Following the CG arguments, we point out that pair-emissions consistent with the OPERA anomaly can lead to detectable signals for neutrinos originating from decays of highly boosted top quarks at the LHC, allowing an independent test of the superluminal neutrino hypothesis.
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  • Journal Name: Phys.Rev.D84:091903,2011


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