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  • Main Title Criticality Safety Basics for INL Emergency Responders


  • Author: Putman, Valerie L.
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  • Sponsor: United States. Office of Nuclear Energy, Science, and Technology.
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  • Name: Idaho National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Idaho Falls, Idaho
    Additional Info: Idaho National Laboratory (INL)


  • Creation: 2012-08-01


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  • Content Description: This document is a modular self-study guide about criticality safety principles for Idaho National Laboratory emergency responders. This guide provides basic criticality safety information for people who, in response to an emergency, might enter an area that contains much fissionable (or fissile) material. The information should help responders understand unique factors that might be important in responding to a criticality accident or in preventing a criticality accident while responding to a different emergency. <br><br> This study guide specifically supplements web-based training for firefighters (0INL1226) and includes information for other Idaho National Laboratory first responders. However, the guide audience also includes other first responders such as radiological control personnel.<br><br> For interested readers, this guide includes clearly marked additional information that will not be included on tests. The additional information includes historical examples (Been there. Done that.), as well as facts and more in-depth information (Did you know …). <br><br> INL criticality safety personnel revise this guide as needed to reflect program changes, user requests, and better information. Revision 0, issued May 2007, established the basic text. Revision 1 incorporates operation, program, and training changes implemented since 2007. Revision 1 increases focus on first responders because later responders are more likely to have more assistance and guidance from facility personnel and subject matter experts. Revision 1 also completely reorganized the training to better emphasize physical concepts behind the criticality controls that help keep emergency responders safe. The changes are based on and consistent with changes made to course 0INL1226.<br><br>


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  • Report No.: INL/EXT-07-12535
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