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  • Main Title Restricting Invariants and Arrangements of Finite Complex Reflection Groups


  • Author: Berardinelli, Angela
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Chair: Douglass, J. Matthew
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    Contributor Info: Major Professor
  • Committee Member: Shepler, Anne V.
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  • Committee Member: Brozovic, Douglas
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  • Name: University of North Texas
    Place of Publication: Denton, Texas
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  • Creation: 2015-08


  • English


  • Content Description: Suppose that G is a finite, unitary reflection group acting on a complex vector space V and X is a subspace of V. Define N to be the setwise stabilizer of X in G, Z to be the pointwise stabilizer, and C=N/Z. Then restriction defines a homomorphism from the algebra of G-invariant polynomial functions on V to the algebra of C-invariant functions on X. In my thesis, I extend earlier work by Douglass and Röhrle for Coxeter groups to the case where G is a complex reflection group of type G(r,p,n) in the notation of Shephard and Todd and X is in the lattice of the reflection arrangement of G. The main result characterizes when the restriction mapping is surjective in terms of the exponents of G and C and their reflection arrangements.
  • Physical Description: iv, 31 pages : illustration


  • Keyword: mathematics
  • Keyword: algebra
  • Keyword: invariant theory
  • Keyword: reflection groups
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