Ensemble: 2013-10-02 - Concert Orchestra

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Concert Orchestra performance at the UNT College of Music Winspear Hall.

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University of North Texas. Concert Orchestra October 2, 2013.


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  • Main Title: Ensemble: 2013-10-02 - Concert Orchestra
  • Series Title: Ensemble Concerts

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Concert Orchestra performance at the UNT College of Music Winspear Hall.


Violin I:
Chuong Vu
Jie Gao
Yalira Machado
Jacob Cortez
Helena O’Sullivan
Angeline Park
Adriana Rodriguez
Aimee Cho
Jasmine Gomez
Maria Morales
Sarah Price
Chun-Chia (Tracy) Wang

Leah Greenfield
Sarah Beck
Jennifer Archuleta
Christian Olson
Meara O’Neill
Richard Greenwood
Madison Koen
Julia Pridavka
Juan Sigala
Daniel Chin
Emmanuel Coraza
Leah DeLeon

Jiaheng Lu
Sara Cooper
Edwardo Rios
Erin Rich
Kaille Wright
Anita Dowden
Andreas Gomez
Oscar Rendon
Sam Hernandez
Courtney Cannon
Carolyn Sargent
Alexander Moreno
Joseph Geller
Nicholas Tharp
Myles Miller
Valeria Yrizar
Sarah Katz
Caitlin Smith

Jeong Suk Lee
Hsiang Chu Chuang
Fran Lebos
Vaughan Hennen
Sydney ZumMallen
Brendan Carter
William Donald Crider
William Hughes
Christopher Bryan
Jonathan Valdez
Tucker Sowell

Sung Jae Um
Ricky Lethridge
Rebecca Maxwell
Kyle Gordon
Francine Grattan
Hamilton Pyburn
Matthew Estlack
Leonardo Lima
Andrew Brown

Jennifer Willis
Eun Hae Oh
Jennifer Kennedy, piccolo
Yili Hsu
Eduardo Martinez

Eunsuk Oh
Sara Vicinaiz
Josh Weedon
Ellison Jennings, English Horn

Hsiao-Ying Wang
Bobby Lapinski
Benjamin Cummins
Kelsey Carpenter

Micah Bowling
Myrmarie Velez
Leonard Martin

Danielle Fisher
Paula Tagalos
Sarah Konvalin
Scott Fisher
Eric Breon

Michael Gause
Angela Berens
Rick Moose
Dakota Keller

Eston Bell
Carmen Boerboom
Freddy Ouellette

Zach Marley

Rebecca Arden
Melodie Lib Harris

AJ Covey

Elizabeth Hinley
Greg Sgammato
Jose Marin
Mason Lynass


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  • October 2, 2013

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  • Feb. 16, 2016, 1:39 p.m.

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  • April 23, 2017, 2:59 p.m.

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