Ensemble: 2013-09-26 - Symphonic Band

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Symphonic Band concert presented at the Festival Brasiliero 2013 at Winspear Hall, Murchinson Performing Arts Center

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University of North Texas. Symphonic Band. September 26, 2013.


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  • Quinteto UnB Mechthild Bier, Bojin Nedialkov, Ricardo Freire, Ebnezer Nogueire da Silva, Daniel Araújo, for "Brasileirinho"
  • Trio Assum Johnson Machado, Fabiano Chagas, Diones Correntino, for "Naquele Tempo"


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Symphonic Band concert presented at the Festival Brasiliero 2013 at Winspear Hall, Murchinson Performing Arts Center


Joyce Choi
Jessica Coleman
Carrie Green
Jennifer Kennedy
Hyejeong Ryu
Caitlin Swanson
Kaitlin Troutman
Katie Williams

Andrew Gresham
Katie Haun
Sara Vicinaiz
Fernando Yanez

Micah Bowling
Leonard Martin
David Saul
Manzar Elahi

Laura Bradley
Alex Burfitt
Kelsey Carpenter
Chase Fowler
Debanhi Garcia
Sebastian Grady
Hyejin Jung
Rachel Montgomery
Vincent Morris
William Mosher
Eric Olmos
Caitlin Rowden
Kaitlyn Sicinski
Lauren Solano
Olivia Steinman
Tahlla Taylor
Alice Whiteside
Kelli Wilson
Eric Wood

Jessica Dodge
Chris Dunning
Kevin Ford
Tyler Richey
Jeremy Ryan
Taylor Young

Amanda Bateman
Angela Berens
Will Blackstone
Devin Brown
Michael Gause
Philip Jones
Dakota Keller
Rudolfo Noriega
Daniel Wilson

David Bontemps
Emily Carpp
Scott Fisher
Brendan Friday
Sarah Konvalin
Sheryl Mansfield
Abigail Sims
Paula Tagalos

Scott Avant
Adam Dillon
Webb Gardner
Robert Hernandez
Thomas Nokes

Bass Trombone:
Kenneth Davis
Phillip Smith

Vince Kenney
Thomas Mahovsky
Matt Solis
Dylan Toombs

Austin Crumrine
Bryan Gozdowski
Mark Jeffrey
Kosuke Toho

Timothy Biles
Cameron Brown
Scott Gustafson
Cody Haddock
Rebekah Ko
Mason Lynass
Jorge Mendoza
Raychel Taylor

Ryan Napier

Ha Na Do

Danielle Cordray
Haley Hodson


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Ensemble: 2013-09-26 – UNT Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band concert performed at the UNT College of Music Winspear Hall.

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Video: ark:/67531/metadc276249

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  • September 26, 2013

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  • Feb. 16, 2016, 1:39 p.m.

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  • Aug. 2, 2018, 8:04 p.m.

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