Ensemble: 1988-02-25 - University Band and Concert Band

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UNT University and Concert Bands performance given at UNT College of Music Concert Hall.

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UNT University Band February 25, 1988.


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  • Main Title: Ensemble: 1988-02-25 - University Band and Concert Band
  • Series Title: Ensemble Concerts

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UNT University and Concert Bands performance given at UNT College of Music Concert Hall.


University Band:

Catherine Schwartz - Flute
Lara Allen - Flute
Karen Langton - Flute
Dawn Perry - Flute
Robbyn Kindle - Flute
Kathleen Fragua - Flute
Debbie Weiner - Flute
Bonnie Drinkwater - Flute
Paula Young - Flute
Jeananne Knight - Flute
Tom Morse - Flute
Lisa McGlauchlin - Piccolo
Moraima Carpena - Oboe
Renee Nicholson - Oboe
Brian Bolt - Oboe
Nancy Alexander - Bassoon
Becky Baxter - Clarinet
Melissa Jensen - Clarinet
Jackie Gresham - Clarinet
Marco Hernandez - Clarinet
Linda Larson - Clarinet
Sherry Corley - Clarinet
Cheryl Cifelli - Clarinet
Tom Greco - Clarinet
Stacey Knights - Clarinet
Dianne Grasel - Clarinet
John Connolly - Alto Sax
Tiffany Philipp - Alto Sax
Richard Maraday - Tenor Sax
Hector Molina - Bari Sax
Gil Flores - French Horn
Melinda Wade - French Horn
Michelle Rinearson - French Horn
Thom Green - French Horn
Tony Benitez - Bass Clarinet
Jeff Hatfield - Trumpet
Trey Rutledge - Trumpet
Kevin Noe - Trumpet
Erol Oktay - Trumpet
Johnny O'Kain - Trumpet
Steve Jones - Trumpet
Barry Gabrielson - Trumpet
Zach Bird - Trumpet
Scott Miner - Trombone
Allen Sanders - Trombone
Jed Weeks - Trombone
Sean Wing - Trombone
David Burke - Trombone
Thomas Rybak - Trombone
Daniel Hurt - Trombone
John Walasko - Trombone
Scott Fore - Euphonium
Pam Poirot - Euphonium
Rich Carr - Euphonium
Roger Duran - Tuba
Chuck Bigham - Tuba
David Catsoris - Tuba
James Riley - Percussion
Chris Collins - Percussion
Ken Hutchison - Percussion
Joel Kohlman - Percussion
Bill Rankin - Percussion
George Schaefer - Percussion
Jeffrey Smith - Percussion
Justin Turnage - Percussion

Concert Band:

Luellyn North - Piccolo, Flute
Regina Winslow - Piccolo, Flute
Deborah Broyles - Flute
Lisa Goethe - Flute
Letha Prilgrim - Flute
Mallory Patrick - Flute
Gina Badgett - Flute
Lucie Haigler - Flute
Joyce Flakes - Flute
Amy Michaels - Flute
Marnie Cole - Oboe
Jill Bergman - Oboe
Brian Bolt - Oboe
Ann Beckert - Bassoon
Charlie Kunz - Bassoon
Angela Ferguson - Bassoon
Glen Herbst - Clarinet
Anne Just - Clarinet
Tony Brown - Clarinet
Brian Pollard - Clarinet
Becky Meuir - Clarinet
Si Millican - Clarinet
Christy McNew - Clarinet
Richard Bashaw - Clarinet
Steve Graham - Clarinet
Becky Baxter - Clarinet
Sharon Hardman - Clarinet
Stephanie Younker - Clarinet
Terri Allen - Clarinet
Jeff Antoniuk - Bass Clarinet
Melissa Jensen - Bass Clarinet
Randall Astronovich - Contra Clarinet
Rob Rose - Alto Sax
Steve Dominguez - Alto Sax
Tony Perez - Alto Sax
Beth Boyer - Alto Sax
Don Gardner - Tenor Sax
Mike Childs - Bari Sax
Bart O'Connor - Trumpet
Stephen Schwartz - Trumpet
Daniel Leyva-Martinez - Trumpet
Teresa Christenberry - Trumpet
John Cornish - Trumpet
Rey Montemayor - Trumpet
James Cook - Trumpet
Charles Biggs - Trumpet
Eric Luckie - Horn
Kelli Waldo - Horn
Elaine Williams - Horn
Sean Schemmel - Horn
Morgan Shrode - Horn
Kara Morris - Horn
David Baldwin - Horn
Penny Peek - Horn
Colin Haydu - Trombone
Mike Janusek - Trombone
Drew Convery - Trombone
Keith Oshiro - Trombone
Russ Rutherford - Trombone
Brett Dawson - Trombone
David Perkel - Trombone
Steve Fosmire - Trombone
Greg Almond - Trombone
John Valles - Euphonium
Jon McPhail - Euphonium
Amy Taylor - Euphonium
Raul Rodriguez - Tuba
Reagan Bruce - Tuba
Phil Clements - Tuba
Roger Duran - Tuba
Jon Lee - Percussion
Chris Doss - Percussion
Tony Giambri - Percussion
Mark Keefer - Percussion
Michael Kuehn - Percussion
Mark Biggs - Percussion
Dale Yager - Percussion


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  • Accession or Local Control No: 02_25_88 UNT University Band and UNT Concert Band
  • Archival Resource Key: ark:/67531/metadc802052


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  • February 25, 1988

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  • Feb. 16, 2016, 1:39 p.m.

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  • March 15, 2017, 3 p.m.

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UNT University Band. Ensemble: 1988-02-25 - University Band and Concert Band, audio recording, February 25, 1988; Denton, Texas. (digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc802052/: accessed February 23, 2019), University of North Texas Libraries, Digital Library, digital.library.unt.edu; crediting UNT Music Library.