Development of CaO coatings by thermal and chemical vapor deposition. Metadata

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  • Main Title Development of CaO coatings by thermal and chemical vapor deposition.


  • Author: Natesan, K.
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  • Name: Argonne National Laboratory
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  • Creation: 2002-04-26


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  • Content Description: We have developed CaO coatings that are applied by a thermal and chemical vapor deposition process. Several experiments were conducted to study how the deposition of Ca on a V-4Cr-4Ti substrate alloy is affected by variations in process temperature and time, specimen location, and surface preparation and pretreatment. Results showed that thick adherent coatings can be fabricated by thermal/chemical vapor deposition, especially if a double Ca treatment is applied. Extensive microstructural analysis of the coatings showed almost 100% CaO over a coating thickness of 20-30 {micro}m; electrical resistance (measured by the two-probe method) of the coatings was at least two orders of magnitude higher than the minimum required for blanket application. The results obtained in this study indicate that CaO is a viable coating for V-Li advanced blankets, but that significant additional effort is needed, especially from the standpoint of structure/composition relationship to its electrical resistance and the coating stability in a flowing Li environment. Furthermore, resistance must be measured in situ in Li to simultaneously evaluate coating integrity, resistance, and Li compatibility.
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  • Conference: 10th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials ICFRM-1, Baden-Baden (DE), 10/14/2001--10/19/2001


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