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  • Main Title Remote vacuum compaction of compressible hazardous waste


  • Inventor: Coyne, M.J.
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  • Sponsor: United States. Office of the Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy.
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  • Name: Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory
    Place of Publication: West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
    Additional Info: Bettis Atomic Power Lab., West Mifflin, PA (United States)


  • Creation: 1996-12-31


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  • Content Description: A system is described for remote vacuum compaction and containment of low-level radioactive or hazardous waste comprising a vacuum source, a sealable first flexible container, and a sealable outer flexible container for receiving one or more first flexible containers. A method for compacting low level radioactive or hazardous waste materials at the point of generation comprising the steps of sealing the waste in a first flexible container, sealing one or more first containers within an outer flexible container, breaching the integrity of the first containers, evacuating the air from the inner and outer containers, and sealing the outer container shut.
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  • Keyword: Low-Level Radioactive Wastes
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  • Other: DE98007400
  • Report No.: PATENTS-US--A8697846
  • Grant Number: AC11-89PN38014
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