Time-resolved photoluminescence studies of In{sub x}Ga{sub 1{minus}x}As{sub 1{minus}y}N{sub y} Metadata

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  • Main Title Time-resolved photoluminescence studies of In{sub x}Ga{sub 1{minus}x}As{sub 1{minus}y}N{sub y}


  • Author: MAIR,R.A.
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  • Author: LIN,J.Y.
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  • Author: JIANG,H.X.
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  • Name: Sandia National Laboratories
    Place of Publication: Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Additional Info: Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM, and Livermore, CA (United States)


  • Creation: 2000-01-27


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  • Content Description: Time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy has been used to investigate carrier decay dynamics in a In{sub x}Ga{sub 1{minus}x}As{sub 1{minus}y}N{sub y} (x {approximately} 0.03, y {approximately} 0.01) epilayer grown on GaAs by metal organic chemical vapor deposition. Time-resolved photoluminescence (PL) measurements, performed for various excitation intensities and sample temperatures, indicate that the broad PL emission at low temperature is dominated by localized exciton recombination. Lifetimes in the range of 0.07--0.34 ns are measured; these photoluminescence lifetimes are significantly shorter than corresponding values obtained for GaAs. In particular, the authors observe an emission energy dependence of the decay lifetime at 10 K, whereby the lifetime decreases with increasing emission energy across the PL spectrum. This behavior is characteristic of a distribution of localized states, which arises from alloy fluctuations.
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  • Keyword: Gallium Nitrides
  • Keyword: Indium Arsenides
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  • Journal Name: Applied Physics Letters; Journal Volume: 76; Journal Issue: 2; Other Information: Submitted to Applied Physics Letters; Volume 76: No.2, 188-190(27 Jan 2000)


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  • Report No.: SAND2000-0263J
  • Grant Number: AC04-94AL85000
  • DOI: 10.1063/1.125698
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 751210
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