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  • Main Title Modelling crystal-field interaction for f-elements in LaCl{sub 3}


  • Author: Zhorin, V.V.
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  • Author: Liu, G.K.
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  • Sponsor: United States. Department of Energy. Office of Energy Research.
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    Contributor Info: USDOE Office of Energy Research, Washington, DC (United States)


  • Name: Argonne National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Illinois
    Additional Info: Argonne National Lab., IL (United States)


  • Creation: 1997-09-01


  • English


  • Content Description: The results of crystal field calculations in the framework of exchange charge model (ECM) are reported for trivalent lanthanide and actinide ions doped into LaCl{sub 3}. Whereas the scalar strength of the model crystal field parameters are consistent with that previously determined by fitting the experimental data, the sign of the second-order parameter is found to be negative, in contrast to previous reports. The contribution from long-range electrostatic interactions exceeds that from the nearest neighboring ligands and leads to the negative sign of the second-order crystal field parameter. Other interaction mechanisms including overlap, covalence, and charge exchange are less important to the second order parameter, but dominate the fourth-and sixth-order parameters. This work provides a consistent interpretation of the previously controversial experimental results for both lanthanide and actinide ions in this classical host.
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  • Keyword: Rare Earth Nuclei
  • Keyword: Crystal Lattices
  • Keyword: Lanthanum Chlorides
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  • Keyword: Hamiltonians
  • Keyword: Actinide Nuclei


  • Conference: 3. international conference on f-elements: physics, chemistry, biology, industrial applications of f-elements, Paris (France), 13-20 Sep 1997


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