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  • Main Title Modeling of DIII-D noble gas puff and pump experiments


  • Author: Hogan, J.T.
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  • Name: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Tennessee
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  • Creation: 1997-08-01


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  • Content Description: Previous DIII-D experiments that induced a D{sup +} flow in the scrap-off layer (SOL) showed that this flow increased the divertor concentration of extrinsically injected impurities (neon, argon). These impurity fueling and exhaust (or puff and pump) experiments raise a number of modeling issues: the effect of edge-localized modes (ELMs) in regulating impurity core accumulation; the particle balance of the extrinsic impurities; the relation between divertor and plenum enrichment; and the effect of features unique to the present DIII-D Advanced Divertor configuration, specifically, the localized back-conductance of D{sub 2} and impurities from the baffle plenum in the outboard divertor region. To aid in understanding the relations between these processes, models have been improved: for core impurity transport to include ELM effects, and for divertor models to treat helium, neon, and argon transport with DIII-D--specific configuration effects. The models have been used to analyze a series of experiments in which neon and argon were first continuously injected (in the divertor private flux region) for 1.5 s, and then exhausted by the DIII-D cryopumping system. Deuterium was puffed at rates of 80 Torr L/s and 150 Torr L/s from the midplane and the divertor private region in these experiments. Results of the simulations are given.
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  • Conference: 24. EPS conference on controlled fusion and plasma physics, Berchtesgaden (Germany), 9-13 Jun 1997


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