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  • Main Title Contamination control aspects of attaching waste drums to the WIPP Waste Characterization Chamber


  • Author: Rubick, L.M.
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  • Author: Burke, L.L.
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  • Creation: 1998-12-31


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  • Content Description: Argonne National Laboratory West (ANL-W) is verifying the characterization and repackaging of contact-handled transuranic (CH-TRU) mixed waste in support of the Waste Isolation Pilot Program (WIPP) project located in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The WIPP Waste Characterization Chamber (WCC) was designed to allow opening of transuranic waste drums for this process. The WCC became operational in March of 1994 and has characterized approximately 240 drums of transuranic waste. The waste drums are internally contaminated with high levels of transuranic radionuclides. Attaching and detaching drums to the glove box posed serious contamination control problems. Prior to characterizing waste, several drum attachment techniques and materials were evaluated. An inexpensive HEPA filter molded into the bagging material helps with venting during detachment. The current techniques and procedures used to attach and detach transuranic waste drums to the WCC are described.
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  • Conference: 1998 Health Physics Society midyear topical meeting, Mobile, AL (United States), 8-11 Feb 1998


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