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  • Main Title (S{sub 3}){sup 3} theories of flavor


  • Author: Carone, C.D.
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  • Name: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: California
    Additional Info: Lawrence Berkeley Lab., CA (United States)


  • Creation: 1996-07-01


  • English


  • Content Description: The author presents a supersymmetric theory of flavor based on the discrete flavor group (S{sub 3}){sup 3}. The model can account for the masses and mixing angles of the standard model, while maintaining sufficient sfermion degeneracy to evade the supersymmetric flavor problem. The author demonstrates that the model has a viable phenomenology and makes one very striking prediction: the nucleon decays predominantly to Kl where l is a first generation lepton. He shows that the modes n {yields} K{sup 0}{bar {nu}}{sub e}, p {yields} K{sup +}{bar {nu}}{sub e}, and p {yields} K{sup 0}e{sup +} occur at comparable rates, and could well be discovered simultaneously at the SuperKamiokande experiment.
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  • Conference: International workshop on supersymmetry and unification of fundamental interactions (SUSY), College Park, MD (United States), 29 May - 1 Jun 1996


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