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  • Main Title Single crystal neutron diffraction study of the magnetic structure of TmNi{sub 2}B{sub 2}C


  • Author: Sternlieb, B.
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  • Author: Shapiro, S.
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    Creator Info: Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States)
  • Author: Stassis, C.
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  • Author: Goldman, A.I.
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  • Author: Canfield, P.
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    Creator Info: Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA (United States)


  • Sponsor: United States. Department of Energy. Office of Energy Research.
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    Contributor Info: USDOE Office of Energy Research, Washington, DC (United States)


  • Name: Ames Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Iowa
    Additional Info: Ames Lab., IA (United States)


  • Creation: 1997-02-01


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  • Content Description: Neutron diffraction techniques have been used to study the magnetic structure of single crystals of the magnetic superconductor (T{sub c} {congruent} 11K) TmNi{sub 2}B{sub 2}C. We find that below approximately 1.5K the magnetic moments order in an incommensurate spin wave with propagation vector q{sub m} = q{sub m} (a* +b*) (or q{sub m} = q{sub m} (a* + b*)) with q{sub m} = 0.094 {+-} 0.001. The spin wave is transverse with the moments aligned along the c-axis, and the observation of relatively intense higher order harmonics shows that the modulation is not purely sinusoidal but considerably squared. This incommensurate magnetic structure, which coexists with superconductivity below T{sub N} {congruent} 1.5K, is quite different from those observed in the magnetic superconductors HoNi{sub 2}B{sub 2}C and ErNi{sub 2}B{sub 2}C. The origin of diffraction peaks observed in scans parallel to a* is briefly discussed.
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  • Keyword: Superconductivity
  • Keyword: Nickel Carbides
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  • Conference: 41. annual conference on magnetism and magnetic materials, Atlanta, GA (United States), 12-15 Nov 1996


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  • Other: DE97002391
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