The long range migration of hydrogen through Zircaloy in response to tensile and compressive stress gradients Metadata

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  • Main Title The long range migration of hydrogen through Zircaloy in response to tensile and compressive stress gradients


  • Author: Kammenzind, B.F.
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  • Name: Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory
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  • Creation: 1998-11-01


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  • Content Description: Zircaloy-4, which is used widely as a core structural material in pressurized water reactors (PWRs), picks up hydrogen during service. Hydrogen solubility in Zircaloy-4 is low and zirconium hydride phases precipitate after the Zircaloy-4 lattice becomes supersaturated with hydrogen. These hydrides embrittle the Zircaloy-4, degrading its mechanical performance as a structural material. Because hydrogen can move rapidly through the Zircaloy-4 lattice, the potential exists for large concentrations of hydride to accumulate in local regions of a Zircaloy component remote from its point of entry into the component. Much has been reported in the literature regarding the long range migration of hydrogen through Zircaloy under concentration gradients and temperature gradients. Relatively little has been reported, however, regarding the long range migration of hydrogen under stress gradients. This paper presents experimental results regarding the long range migration of hydrogen through Zircaloy in response to both tensile and compressive stress gradients. The importance of this driving force for hydrogen migration relative to concentration and thermal gradients is discussed.
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  • Conference: 12. ASTM international symposium on zirconium in the nuclear industry, Toronto (Canada), 15-18 Jun 1998


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  • DOI: 10.2172/290949
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