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  • Main Title Technology development for iron Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. Final technical report, December 18, 1990--December 17, 1993


  • Author: Davis, B.H.
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  • Sponsor: United States. Department of Energy.
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  • Name: Kentucky Univ., Lexington, KY (United States). Research Foundation
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  • Creation: 1996-02-01


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  • Content Description: This report contains the results of a three year study on the preparation of high surface area iron catalysts using a continuous precipitation technique, of a detailed program designed to define the impact of three pretreatment procedures (CO only, syngas only, or hydrogen followed by syngas) on the physical and chemical changes that the catalyst undergoes during activation, and the impact of catalyst composition and pretreatment on the ultimate activity and selectivity of the catalyst during the synthesis. Overall the results of this three year study attained, or came very close to attaining, the activity, aging and selectivity targets in the Statement of Work. This report also contains a critical review of the literature on the preparation of iron catalysts and their pretreatment for use in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Also included is a brief review of the action of promoters in Fischer-Tropsch iron catalysts, the models for chemisorption of CO and H{sub 2}, emphasizing that which is appropriate for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, and an over-view of the results of testing of iron catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis activity and product selectivity.
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  • Other: DE96005563
  • Report No.: DOE/PC/90056--T15
  • Grant Number: AC22-91PC90056
  • DOI: 10.2172/196527
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