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  • Main Title Completely automated nuclear reactors for long-term operation


  • Author: Teller, E.
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  • Author: Ishikawa, M.
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  • Author: Wood, L.
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    Creator Info: Stanford Univ., CA (United States)


  • Sponsor: United States. Department of Energy.
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  • Name: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: California
    Additional Info: Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA (United States)


  • Creation: 1996-01-01


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  • Content Description: The authors discuss new types of nuclear fission reactors optimized for the generation of high-temperature heat for exceedingly safe, economic, and long-duration electricity production in large, long-lived central power stations. These reactors are quite different in design, implementation and operation from conventional light-water-cooled and -moderated reactors (LWRs) currently in widespread use, which were scaled-up from submarine nuclear propulsion reactors. They feature an inexpensive initial fuel loading which lasts the entire 30-year design life of the power-plant. The reactor contains a core comprised of a nuclear ignitor and a nuclear burn-wave propagating region comprised of natural thorium or uranium, a pressure shell for coolant transport purposes, and automatic emergency heat-dumping means to obviate concerns regarding loss-of-coolant accidents during the plant`s operational and post-operational life. These reactors are proposed to be situated in suitable environments at {approximately}100 meter depths underground, and their operation is completely automatic, with no moving parts and no human access during or after its operational lifetime, in order to avoid both error and misuse. The power plant`s heat engine and electrical generator subsystems are located above-ground.
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  • Keyword: Thorium
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  • Conference: Joint American Physical Society and the America Association of Physics Teachers Texas meeting, Lubbock, TX (United States), 26-28 Oct 1995


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