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  • Main Title On the geometry of two-dimensional slices of irregular level sets in turbulent flows


  • Author: Catrakis, H.J.
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  • Creation: 1998-03-20


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  • Content Description: Isoscalar surfaces in turbulent flows are found to be more complex than (self-similar) fractals, in both the far field of liquid-phase turbulent jets and in a realization of Rayleigh-Taylor-instability flow. In particular, they exhibit a scale-dependent coverage dimension, D{sub 2}((lambda)), for 2-D slices of scalar level sets, that increases with scale, from unity, at small scales, to 2, at large scales. For the jet flow and Reynolds numbers investigated, the isoscalar-surface geometry is both scalar-threshold- and Re-dependent; the level-set (coverage) length decreases with increasing Re, indicating enhanced mixing with increasing Reynolds number; and the size distribution of closed regions is well described by lognormal statistics at small scales. A similar D{sub 2}((lambda)) behavior is found for level-set data of 3-D density-interface behavior in recent direct numerical-simulation studies of Rayleigh-Taylor-instability flow. A comparison of (spatial) spectral and isoscalar coverage statistics will be disc
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  • Conference: American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics, Philadelphia, PA (US), 11/22/1998--11/14/1998


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