Preliminary Data on the Effects of Inlet Pressure Distortions on the J57-P-1 Turbojet Engine Metadata

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  • Main Title Preliminary Data on the Effects of Inlet Pressure Distortions on the J57-P-1 Turbojet Engine
  • Series Title NACA Research Memorandums


  • Author: Wallner, Lewis E.
    Creator Type: Personal
  • Author: Lubick, Robert J.
    Creator Type: Personal
  • Author: Einstein, Thomas H.
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  • Originator: Lewis Research Center
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    Contributor Info: NASA Lewis Research Center


  • Creation: 1954-12-03


  • English


  • Content Description: An investigation to determine the steady-state and surge characteristics of the J57-P-1 two-spool turbojet engine with various inlet air-flow distortions was conducted in the altitude wind tunnel at the NACA Lewis laboratory. Along with a uniform inlet total-pressure distribution, one circumferential and three radial pressure distortions were investigated. Data were obtained over a complete range of compressor speeds both with and without intercompressor air bleed at a flight Mach number of 0.8 and at altitudes of 35,000 and 50,000 feet. Total-pressure distortions of the magnitudes investigated had very little effect on the steady-state operating line for either the outer or inner compressor. The small radial distortions investigated also had engine over that obtained with the uniform inlet pressure distribution. The circumferential distortion, however, raised the minimum speed at which the engine could operate without encountering surge when the intercompressor bleeds were closed. This increase in minimum speed resulted in a substantial reduction in the operable speed range accompanied by a reduction in the altitude operating limit.


  • Keyword: fluid mechanics and thermodynamics


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