Phonon density of states in Fe/Cr (001) superlattices and Tb-Fe thin-film alloys. Metadata

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  • Main Title Phonon density of states in Fe/Cr (001) superlattices and Tb-Fe thin-film alloys.


  • Author: Alp, E. E.
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  • Name: Argonne National Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Illinois
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  • Creation: 1999-02-15


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  • Content Description: Inelastic nuclear scattering of X-rays from the 14.413 keV nuclear resonance of {sup 57}Fe was employed to measure directly the Fe-projected phonon density of states (DOS) in MBE-grown Fe/Cr(00l) superlattices on MgO(001). The Moessbauer-inactive {sup 56}Fe isotope was used in the Fe layers. A 1{angstrom} thick Moessbauer-active {sup 57}Fe-probe layer (95% enriched) was placed at different locations within the Fe layers. This procedure permits one to distinguish phonon density of states at the Fe-Cr-interface from that at the center of the Fe-film. Distinct differences have been observed in the DOS of our samples. The phonon DOS of an amorphous Tb{sub 33}Fe{sub 67} alloy film was found to be a broad and structureless hump, contrary to that of an epitaxial TbFe{sub 2} film, which exhibits characteristic features.
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  • Conference: International Conference on Magnetic Multilayers, Vancouver, British Columbia (CA), 06/15/1998--06/19/1998


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  • Report No.: ANL/XFD/CP-98412
  • Grant Number: W-31109-ENG-38
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