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... life libertine John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Chapter 3 analyzes Rochester's libertine poetic personae..., are simultaneous opposites one can easily reconcile through obedience of what Rochester calls "right reason." I... will examine how Rochester's libertine narrators justify their devotion to libertinism and, in turn, establish...-aged and elderly men, like Rochester's narrator of "The Maim'd Debauchee," are former libertines who must relegate

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... Rochester refers to as "right" reason or reason that does not exclude instinct or libertinism, but allows..., libertines like Rochester takes a classist viewpoint in their poetry and drama in that they believe social... to follow instinct or nature. In addition, Rochester's classist approach to libertinism SWhile I focus... criticism of Rochester's A Satyr Against Mankind often focus on the composition of the poem itself. Many... critics of Rochester's A Satyr Against Mankind focused on the originality (or lack thereof

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.... Roslyn: Walter J. Black, 1943. 56-73. Moore, John. "The Originality of Rochester's Satyr against Mankind.... "Rochester's Second Bottle: Attitudes to Drink and Drinking in the Works of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester... Wilmot Earl of Rochester, 1647-1680. London: U of Nebraska P, 1962. 138-58. Pottle, Frederick. "Boswell..., in Honour of His Eighty-Fourth Birthday. Oxford: Clarendon P, 1965. Reading Rochester. Ed. Edward Burns. New... Works of Thomas Shadwell. Ed. Montague Summers. London: Benjamin Blom, 1927. Sitter, John. "Rochester

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... John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, a libertine poet in England during the Restoration period (1660... commonwealth (or other form of civil government) as the "rabble." In fact, many libertines, Rochester included... view Rochester embraces makes him anti-reason and anti-Enlightenment as well, while Hobbes's seemingly... elitist sentiments are actually more democratic than Rochester's views and acknowledge that political

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...). Underwood writes, Buckingham, Rochester, Etherege, Wycherley, and Sedley, "through their public acts... and Fictional in the works of Rochester, Shadwell, Wycherley, and Boswell" discusses the Restoration... and eighteenth-century libertine figure as it appears in John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester's Satyr against

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.... Though Wilcoxon identifies Rochester the poet as "an ethical hedonist," we can certainly apply her... hedonistic in terms of obeying his instincts, Rochester's narrator does not limit himself to following... and Libertinism in "The Maim'd Debauchee" Rochester reconfigures the libertine and his attitude towards

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.... 95-118. Wilmot, John, Second Earl of Rochester. "The Maim'd [Disabled] Debauchee." The Works of John... Wilmot Earl of Rochester. Ed. Harold Love. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999. 44. "A Satyr Against [Reason and...-62. "Upon His Drinking a Bowl." The Works of John Wilmot Earl of Rochester. Ed. Harold Love. Oxford: Oxford

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... his approach to Hobbesian philosophy. Like Hobbes, Rochester recognizes the necessity of social... less democratic, more classist opinions. While Rochester sees these institutions as necessary... these differences, however, Rochester shares Hobbes's opinions regarding finding a balance between obedience... human identity (1. 5). John Sitter writes, "In Rochester's lexicon man becomes the aberration

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...-this makes Boswell different from the former libertine narrator of Rochester's "The Maim'd Debauchee...." In Rochester's poem, the narrator reflects upon his youth as a libertine and encourages young libertines... to embrace their libertinism while they are still sexually potent. However, though Rochester's narrator... accompanying his age. The narrator sees himself "shelter 'd in impotence" (Rochester 1. 47, my emphasis

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... Griffin, Dustin. "Rochester and the 'Holiday Writers."' Rochester and Court Poetry. Intro... of Rochester. Berkeley: U of California P, 1973. Hallett, Charles. "The Hobbesian Substructure of The Country... of Rochester. Ed. Jeremy Treglown. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1980. Manning, Susan. "Boswell's Pleasures

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... Libertines like Rochester, a professed disciple, reinterpreted Hobbes, choosing to emphasize.... Literary examples of Restoration libertines include the poetic personae in John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester..., 13, and 3-4). And Rochester, a paradigmatic real life eighteenth-century libertine, kidnapped his

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... Smith, Victoria. Libertines Real and Fictional in the Works of Rochester, Shadwell, Wycherley... the Restoration and eighteenth-century libertine figure as it appears in John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester

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... TABLE OF CONTENTS Page CHAPTER 1 LIBERTINES REAL AND FICTIONAL IN ROCHESTER, SHADWELL, WYCHERLEY... ........................................................................................................................ 3 2 CHAPTER 3 LIBERTINISM AND "RIGHT REASON" IN ROCHESTER'S A SATYR AGAINST MANKIND, "THE MAIM

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... CHAPTER 3 LIBERTINISM AND "RIGHT REASON" IN ROCHESTER'S A SATYR AGAINST MANKIND, "THE MAIM... and redefine libertinism. The narrators of Rochester's A Satyr against Mankind, "The Maim'd Debauchee

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... and contradictions inherent in each change to the definition of libertinism. Conclusion Rochester's libertines run... in their interpretations of libertinism that their constantly shifting desires and agendas require them to make. Rochester

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... emphasis) It is notable that Rochester makes a differentiation between reason "which distinguishes by sense... by Rochester's narrator as "specifically the ally of the senses, renewing appetites rather than destroying them

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... to his fluctuating desires functions as a self-critique and self-satire of libertinism. Rochester... qualify as libertines. However, Rochester's status as a libertine does not depend upon making the changes

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...: Rochester, Etherege, Dorset, and Sedley." Diss. Northern Illinois U. 1990. Boswell, James. London Journal...-4. Fabricant, Carole. "John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: A Study of the Artist as Role-Player." Diss. Johns

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