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... to seedlings of these trees by domestic livestock in Arizona and New Mexico except in overgrazed localities... between these two types of injury. (3) It is not always possible to distinguish livestock browsing... showing the result of past damage done by browsing livestock.

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... plants.-In general, livestock losses from poisonous plants are greatest during periods of forage scarcity....-Poor condition of livestock, often associated with ranges on the decline, has distinct limitations... of the season's use and condition of the animals when entering the area. At best, condition of livestock is a F

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... of three silnl)le elements: (1) Proper period of grazing use by the kind of livestock to which tle area... is best adapted; (2) satisfactory distribution of livestock over tle area; and (3) proper numbers..., numbers of livestock should be reduced bv close culling, or-if practicable-sulplemental feed sllould... uncertainties of southwestern climate iand practical difficulties il hla(dlilg' livestock do not permit of a

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... unsatisfactory. As rough guides, these overgrazed areas of livestock concentration should always be kept below 5... values of various combinations of forage plants to different classes of livestock, under practical... determines boundaries of the range suitable for grazing by livestock, condition and trend of the vegetation

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..., for example, livestock may do reasonably well, for a time, at the expense of the range. Condition of timber..., succulence, and sufficiency of forage and season of use and availability of water for livestock are important

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... be considered excess if the extra livestock moved in to utilize the temporary forage can be moved out... as the green forage begins to wane. Locally, such flexibility in the handling of livestock is feasible F171379

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... drier slopes and ridges. Secondary forage plants little relished by livestock sometimes are only... sufficiency of summer and winter range and facilities for shifting livestock from one to the other should

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... year's growth of the better and widely distributed shrubs within reach of livestock should be left... is better relished by livestock, are not indicators of unused forage. In such small amounts or on the less... lightly grazed which can be safely utilized by better but altogether feasible control of livestock... of ungrazed herbage is not excess. On brush ranges, shrubs which seem to be "gaining on livestock" and bid

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... usually will be necessary. Next, distribution of livestock can often be bettered through improved handling... (water development, salting, riding, fencing). Occasionally a change in kind of livestock is advisable

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... distribution of livestock, resulting in heavy concentrations in open accessible parks near water (fig. 28..., an even more serious reduction in forage values occurs. Such overgrazing is apt to occur if livestock

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... of information, should be consulted and analyzed in the attempt to determine fluctuations in numbers of livestock... within the last few years, either in the kind of livestock or in their handling. KIND OF RANGE

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