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  • Main Title Effect of combustion-chamber shape on the performance of a prechamber compression-ignition engine
  • Series Title NACA Technical Notes


  • Author: Moore, C. S.
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  • Author: Collins, J. H., Jr.
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  • Originator: Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory
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    Contributor Info: National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Langley Aeronautical Lab


  • Creation: 1934-12


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  • Content Description: The effect on engine performance of variations in the shape of the prechamber, the shape and direction of the connecting passage, the chamber volume using a tangential passage, the injection system, and the direction od the fuel spray in the chamber was investigated using a 5 by 7 inch single-cylinder compression-ignition engine. The results show that the performance of this engine can be considerably improved by selecting the best combination of variables and incorporating them in a single design. The best combination as determined from these tests consisted of a disk-shaped chamber connected to the cylinder by means of a flared tangential passage. The fuel was injected through a single-orifice nozzle directed normal to the air swirl and in the same plane. At an engine speed of 1,500 r.p.m. and with the theoretical fuel quantity for no excess air, the engine developed a brake mean effective pressure of 115 pounds per square inch with a fuel consumption of 0.49 pound per brake horsepower-hour and an explosion pressure of 820 pounds per square inch. A brake mean effective pressure of 100 pounds per square inch with a brake-fuel consumption of 0.44 pound per horsepower-hour at 1,500 r.p.m. was obtained.


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