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  • Main Title Theoretical performance of liquid ammonia and liquid fluorine as a rocket propellant
  • Series Title NACA Research Memorandums


  • Author: Gordon, Sanford
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  • Author: Huff, Vearl N.
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  • Originator: Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory
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    Contributor Info: NASA Lewis Research Center


  • Creation: 1953-07-03


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  • Content Description: From Summary: "Theoretical values of performance parameters for liquid ammonia and liquid fluorine as a rocket propellant were calculated on the assumption of equilibrium composition during the expansion process for a wide range of fuel-oxidant and expansion ratios. The parameters included were specific impulse, combustion-chamber temperature, nozzle-exit temperature, equilibrium composition, mean molecular weight, characteristic velocity, coefficient of thrust, ratio of nozzle-exit area to throat area, specific heat at constant pressure, coefficient of viscosity, and coefficient of thermal conductivity."


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  • Keyword: ammonia
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