White Horse Temple: Heavenly King Hall (Tianwang Hall) Metadata

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  • Main Title White Horse Temple: Heavenly King Hall (Tianwang Hall)


  • Photographer: Wiedenhoeft, Ronald V.
    Contributor Type: Personal
    Contributor Info: Saskia, Ltd.


  • Name: Scholars Resource, Inc.
    Place of Publication: Wheat Ridge, Colorado


  • Creation: 1368~/1644~


  • Chinese


  • Content Description: 1 built complex : mixed colors
  • Physical Description: Hall with stone lions in front and chinese Bell building with eaves is visible. Building has visible bricks in the bottom half with solid color brick and grey roof. There is written language in the center layer of the building. There is a main door on its either side there many diagonal and vertical rectangular spaces. There are two circular windows visible on the temple wall. There are colorful drawings on top layers of the tower. There are small stairs leading to the main entrance of the temple.


  • Art and Architecture Thesaurus (Getty): Chinese
  • Art and Architecture Thesaurus (Getty): East Asian
  • Art and Architecture Thesaurus (Getty): Shang
  • Art and Architecture Thesaurus (Getty): towers (single built works)
  • Art and Architecture Thesaurus (Getty): eaves
  • Art and Architecture Thesaurus (Getty): Ming


  • Place Name: China - Henan Province - Luoyang
  • Place Point: north=34.725774; east=112.606324;


  • Name: ARTsource
    Code: UNTART


  • Name: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design
    Code: UNTCVA


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  • Rights License: copyright
  • Rights Holder: Scholars Resource, Inc.
  • Rights Statement: Copyright 2011, Scholars Resource, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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