Andante for the piano forte, op.42


Musical score of "Andante for the piano forte", part of opus 42 by Leopold von Meyer.

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11 p. of music ; 35 cm.

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Meyer, Leopold von, 1816-1883 184u.


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  • Cramer, Beale & Co.
    Publisher Info: 201 Regent Street & 67 Conduit Street. Plate no. 3843.
    Place of Publication: London, England


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  • Main Title: Andante for the piano forte, op.42
  • Uniform Title: Andante, piano, op. 42, G♭ major


Musical score of "Andante for the piano forte", part of opus 42 by Leopold von Meyer.

Physical Description

11 p. of music ; 35 cm.


Title as it appears in the t.p.: Andante for the piano forte, op.42, composed and dedicated to G.A. Osborne by his friend Léopold de Meyer.

The Austrian composer and pianist von Meyer, had a successful performance career in Russia, eastern Europe and Vienna and also achieved success in London and Paris. He visited the United States on October 1845 and his histrionic performance style and bravura showpieces were received with wide acclaim.

This piece was dedicate to George Alexander Osborne (1806-1893), an Irish pianist and composer whose concerts in Paris attracted the most fashionable audiences and eminent musicians of the period, among them Chopin and Berlioz.

"Andante for the piano forte" is part of a bound collection of piano pieces composed by von Meyer that also includes fantasies on famous nineteenth-century operas, variations, national airs, marches, valses, an etude and nocturnes.

These are the titles of all the piano pieces by von Meyer in the order in which they appear in the library's collection:

Lucrezia Borgia: introduction and brilliant variations for the piano forte; Variations sur un theme de Semiramis de Rossini, op.37; Fantaisie sur L'Elixir d'amore, op.32; Fantaisie sur Norma de Bellini, op. 40; Fantaisie sur un air de Bellini; Le carnaval de Venise, varié pour le piano, op.31; Grande fantaisie orientale sur deux themes arabes, op.38; Fantaisie sur Les Hirondelles de Felicien David; Airs russes: fantaisie pour le piano forte, op.43; Marche marocaine Machmudier: air guerrier national [sic] des turcs [sic]; Grande march [sic] triomphale D'Isly, op.30; Hortense: notturno for the piano forte; Andante for the piano forte, op.42; Bajazeth: air nationale des turques; Grande etude de bataille, op.35; Quatre morceaux pour le piano forte: no.1 Le depart et le retour (deux noturnes); no.2 Airs russes, op.20; no.3 Valses brillantes; no.4 Grand gallop de bravoure.



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  • 184u

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