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Curators' Evaluation of WAS Release 2/3

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This report discusses the curators' evaluation of WAS release 2/3, part of the Web-at-Risk project.

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12 p.

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Murray, Kathleen R. March 16, 2007.


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This report discusses the curators' evaluation of WAS release 2/3, part of the Web-at-Risk project.

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12 p.


The Web Archiving Service, WAS Release 2/3, was available to the project's curators from January 30, 2007 - February 13, 2007. During this time 19 curators trialed the service with varying frequencies, as measured by the number of capture jobs they submitted. Subsequent to their trials, 17 curators submitted a web-based survey evaluation of their experience. The survey consisted of 27 questions, divided into four sections: Site Definition, Capture, and Management; Reports and Analysis; Search and Display; and Overall Release. This report summarizes the feedback received from the curators and provides details to illustrate the areas that were either confusing or problematic to them. Their recommendations as well as some considerations for future development are also included.



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  • March 16, 2007

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Murray, Kathleen R. Curators' Evaluation of WAS Release 2/3, report, March 16, 2007; ( accessed May 23, 2024), University of North Texas Libraries, UNT Digital Library,; .

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