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.... memorials, Resolutions, etc. Mr. MARTIN, on leave, presented sundry memorials. - On motion of Mr. WILLIAMS... duribg the revolutionary war. On motion of Mr. WILLIAMS, of Kentucky, it was iltsolvti..., Underwood, Vinton, Washington, Elbha Whittlesey, and Lewis Williams—81. NAYS — Messrs. Adams, Chilton Allan..., Vanderpoel, Wagendr, Ward, Wardwell, Webster, Weeks, White, Thomas T. Whittlesey, and Sherrod Williams—126..., Robertson, Russell, Slade, 8teele, Taliaferro, Underwood, Lewis Williams, Sherrod Williams, and Wise—4j. So

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...'nderwnod, Vinton. VYIute, Lewis Williams, Sherrod Williams, and Vt lse—U-r. Mr. PEYTON resumed, and was addressing... Thomson,'fowns, Turrill, Vanderpoel, Wagsner, Ward, Ward well, Webster, Weeks, and Sherrod Williams—-13S..., Standefer, Storer, Waddv Thompson, Underwood, White, Lewis Williams, and Wise—46. A motion was then made..., Vinton. Lewis Williams, and Wise—,VJ. NAYS — Messrs. Adams, Anthony, Ash, Uarton, Heale, liean, llockee..., Towns, Turn!I, Vanderpoel, Wagener, Ward, Wardwell, Webster, Weeks, Whittlesey, and Sherrod Williams—130

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... and amendments on the table. Mr. WILLIAMS, of Kentucky, called for the yens and nays; which were ordered...'er, L'nUetwo<5fl, Wagener, Webster, Wlnte, Slierrod Williams, and Wise—Ji!. NAY"?—Mmsrs. Adams, Heman... to the House. The CHAIR then rose, and was proceeding to count the House, when ° Mr. WILLIAMS, of Kentucky.... WILLIAMS. I shall not take my seat— you take yours. [Loud cries of "Order!" "Order!" from every part... of the Hall.] The CHAIR. Thegentleman from Kentucky is called to order! Mr. WILLIAMS. I call you to order

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... .....477! Mr. Whittlesey, of Ohio... .477, 597 ; Mr. Williams, of North CftroJin#, 475,482 Mr. Wise...— Mr. Ashley 82 Mr. Jones, of Michigan 82 • Mr. Ripley ...82 Mr. Williams, of North Carolina 82... Mr. Hawes 300, 317, 318, 398, 399 Mr. Haynes.... 490 Mr. Storer 399 Mr. Williams, of Kentucky.... Morris ._ 452 , Mr. Reynolds, of Illinois. 443 Mr. Williams, of Kentucky..........453 , Mr. Williams

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... of the House. Mr. WILLIAMS, of North Carolina, suggested Tuesday week. He was opposed to interfering.... MeKEON named to-morrow. Mr. WILLIAMS, of North Caprolina, proposed Tuesday week. Mr. EVANS named Tuesday... next. The motions of Messrs., Peyton, and Williams were negatived. Mr. McKEON acquiesced... power. Mr. WILLIAMS, of Kentucky, moved to amend the resolution by instructing the committee to inquire...'s amendment. ment. Mr. WILLIAMS thereupon withdrew his amendment. Mr. DEBERRY moved that the committee

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..., Wardwell, Washington, Webster, Weeks, Whittlesey, Lewis Williams, and Sherrod Williams—114. liams—114. NAYS..., Lewis Williams, Sherrod Williams, and Wise—201. j J NAYS—Messrs. Adams, Denny, Everett, Rice Garland... Williams—127. NAYS—Messrs. Adams, Chilton Allan, Heman Allen, Anthony, Banks, Beaumont, Bond, Boon, Boiden..., Storer, John Thomson, Underwood. Vinton, Wardwell, Webster, Whittlesey, and | Sherrod Williams—76. j... W,II,ams, and Sherrod Williams—188. NAYS—Messrs. Heman Allen, Evans, VViiliam Jackson, Lawrencc

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..., Lewis Williams, and Sherrod Williams—78. I NAYS — Messrs. Adams, Ash, Ashley, Bailey, Banks, Barton... simultaj neously moved to postpone the subject to Monday J next. I Mr. WILLIAMS, of Kentucky, moved... were ordered. Mr. WILLIAMS then withdrew his motion. Mr. ROBERTSON asked for the yeas and nays..., Ward, Wardwell, Webster, Weeks, and Sherrod Williams—110. NAYS — Messrs. Chilton Allan, Bailey, Bond...?" was then , propounded. i Mr. PATTON called for the yeas and nay*} j which were ordered. ' Mr. WILLIAMS, of North

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... to proceed with the ordinary business. Mr. WILLIAMS then modified his motion according to the sugsestion.... Williams accepted as a further modification of his motion. Mr. ADAMS objected to the motion, as his... amendment would thereby be evaded. Mr. WILLIAMS then withdrew it; and Mr. MANN renewed it; and after a few..., of Massachusetts; Mr. Smith, of Maine; Mr. Beaumont,of Pennsylvania; Mr. Williams, of North Carolina; Mr. Griffin

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... Indian treaties, and asked for the yeas and j nays; which were ordered. Mr. WILLIAMS, of Kentucky, moved.... Williams withdrew his amendment. The question was taken on Mr. Cambreleng's amendment; and it was agreed..., Standefer, Storer, Taliarerro, Underwood, Vinton, White, E'isha Whittlesey, Lewis Williams,Shcrrod Williams

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... into the hands of capitalists and speculators. He was in favor of the motion to reconsider. Mr. WILLIAMS.... WILLIAMS, of North Carolina, inquired of the Chair what would be the effect of this motion, if carried.... WILLIAMS inquired whether the subject would still go before the committee for inquiry? ! The CHAIR... was of opinion that the subject would be suspended. Mr. WILLIAMS said he thought the effeet of a vote... at the request of • Mr. WILLIAMS, of North Carolina, who made a few remarks' in favor of the passage

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..., Standefer, Taliaferro, Thomas, Waddy Thompson, Underwood, Webster, Weeks, White, Whittlesey, Lewi# Williams..., Sherrod Williams, and Wise—89. NAYS — Messrs. Adams, Heman Allen, Bailey, Barton, Bockee, Bovee, Briggs..., Turnll, Vanderpoel, Vinton, Ward, and Wardwell—116. Mr. WILLIAMS then offered the following proviso... that the bill j already provided for the object proposed by the I gentleman from Kentucky, j Mr. WILLIAMS..., Whittlesey, Lewis Williams, Sherrod Williams, and Wise So the bill was ordered to a third reading. BANK

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..., Vanderpo.-i, Wagoner, Ward, Webster, Weeks, Whittlesey, and Sherrod Williams—127. NAYS—Messrs. Chilton..., Russell, William B. Shepard, Slade, Sloane, Standefer, Steele, Vinton, Washington, White, Lewis Williams..., Webster, and Sherrod Williams —110. NAYS—Messrs. Adams, Chilton Allan, Heinan Allen. Bailey, Bell, Bond... Thompson*flTown-*, Washington, i Whittlesey, Lewis Williams, and VVise—63. PROCEEDS OF THE PUBLIC LANPS... was the motion of Mr. Williams, of Kentucky, to refer the resolutions to the Committee of Ways and Means

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... Kentucky (Mr. Williams] addressed the Chair, as he uul • '-stood it. and the Chair announced..., Ward, Wardwell, Wa«bington, Webster, Weeks, Thomas T. Whittlesey, and Sberrod Williams—127. NAYS..., Thomas T. Whittlesey, Sherrod Williams, and Wise—147. NAYS—Messrs. Adam Heman Allen, Anthony, Bailey..., Slade, Sknne, Underwood, Vinton, Elisha Whittlesey, and Lewis Williams—52. So the bill was ordered to a...,Turrill, Vanderpoel, Ward, Washington, Webster, Weeks, White, Thomas T. Whittlesey, Sberrod Williams, and Wise—143

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..., Sickles, Stan defer, Tabaferro, Thomas, Vinton, Webster, Eiisha Whittlesey, Lewis Williams, Sherrod... Williams, and Wise—66. Mr. HA WES then moved the previous question; which was seconded by the House—yeas 87..., Washington, Webster, White, KIL-l>a Whittlesey, Thomas T. Wliinlcsey, Lewis Williams, and Sherrod Williams..., White, Eiisha Whittlesey, Thomas T. Whittlesey, Lewis Williams, and Sherrod Williams—155. NAYS

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... ordered; and were—yeas 69, nays 96. So the motion to strike out was decided in. the negative. Mr. WILLIAMS..., Taliaferro, Towns, Utidi'rtvoO.-I, Wagener, White, Lewis Williams, Sherrod Williams, and Wise—92. So the bill...—ayes 101, noes not counted; ana the main question being ordered thereon, Mr. WILLIAMS, of Kentucky, called..., Standefer, Taiidfarro, Towns. Underwood, Wagoner, White, Sheirod | Williams, and Wise—8j. j So the bill... was then passed. Mr. WILLIAMS, of Kentucky, moved (hat the House adjourn; which was lost—ayes 55, noes 67

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... of the resolutions. Mr. WILLIAMS, of North Carolina, thought it not necessary, and he therefore begged the gentleman..., Underwood, Ward, Washington, Elisha Whittlesey, Thomas T. Whittlesey, L&wis Williams, and Sherrod Williams..., Lewis Williams, and Shcirod Williams—113, NAYS—Messrs. Adams, Heman Allen, Bailey, Beaumont, Bouldin.... Williams, which, after some discussion by that gentleman, Messrs. SUTHERLAND, JARVIS, PARKS, PEYTON, MERCER

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... the main question be now put?" was then propounded. Mr. WILLIAMS, of North Carolina, asked for the yeas..., Underwood, Washington, Webster, White, Whittlesey, Ciherrod Williams, and Wise—71. So the House determined..., Washington, Weeks, White, Lewis Williams, Sherrod, Williams, and Wise—148. NAYS—Messrs. Adams, Chilton Allan..., Wagener, Ward, Washington, Webster, Weeks, Lewis Williams, and Sherrod William«- 14

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... was read twice and committed. Mr. WILLIAMS, of North Carolina, said, as the bill last reported was one.... Mr. SLADE named three thousand copies. | Mr. WILLIAMS accepted the modification, when the motion.... Unfavorable reports upon various petitions were made by Messrs. HAYNES, WHITTLE- SEY, DAVIS, KENNON, WILLIAMS..., White, Whittlesey, Lewis Williams, Sherrod Williams, and Wise—101. So the House refused to suspend

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..., Standefer, Storer, Taliaferro, Thomas, Turner, Underwood, Vinton, Wagener, White, Whittlesey, Lewis Williams..., Sherrod Williams, and Wise—76. So the House determined that the main question, which was on the passage..., Mr. CAVE JOHNSON moved to suspend the rules; and Mr. WILLIAMS, of North Carolina, asked for the yeas...,Turner, Underwood,Vanderpoel,Wairener, Ward, Washington, Webster, Weeks, White, Whittlesey, Lewis Williams, and Wise..., and Sherrod Williams—43. j So the rule of the House was suspended. The ' resolution was then read as follows

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... modification of his resolution. Mb WILLIAMS, of Kentucky, moved to amend the resolution by making the bill.... The amendment of Mr. Williams was negatived, without a count. Mr.' P. C. FULLER called for a division of die..., Wageaer, White, 81>errod Williams, and Wise—39. Mr. BOND desired that the second branch of the resolution..., Waddy Thompson, Underwood, Washington,W hite, Lewis WIHiaus, Sberrod Williams, and Wise—89. Mr..., Vanderpoel, Vinton, Wagoner, Ward, Whittlesey, and Sherrod Williams—135. NAYS — Messrs. Chilton Atlaa, Heman

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