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  • Main Title "Being" a Stickist: A Phenomenological Consideration of "Dwelling" in a Virtual Music Scene


  • Author: Hodges, Jeff
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Chair: Friedson, Steven
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  • Committee Member: Hayes, Eileen
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  • Committee Member: Murphy, John P.
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  • Name: University of North Texas
    Place of Publication: Denton, Texas
    Additional Info: Web: www.unt.edu


  • Creation: 2010-05


  • English


  • Content Description: Musical instruments are not static, unchanging objects. They are, instead, things that materially evolve in symmetry with human practices. Alterations to an instrument's design often attend to its ergonomic or expressive capacity, but sometimes an innovator causes an entirely new instrument to arise. One such instrument is the Chapman Stick. This instrument's history is closely intertwined with global currents that have evolved into virtual, online scenes. Virtuality obfuscates embodiment, but the Stick's world, like any instrument's, is optimally related in intercorporeal exchanges. Stickists circumvent real and virtual obstacles to engage the Stick world. Using an organology informed by the work of Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty, this study examines how the Chapman Stick, as a material "thing," speaks in and through a virtual, representational environment.


  • Keyword: Chapman Stick
  • Keyword: telepresence
  • Keyword: dwelling
  • Keyword: virtuality
  • Keyword: organology
  • Keyword: phenomenology
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings: Chapman, Emmett, 1936-
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings: Electric guitar -- History.
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings: Electric guitar -- Construction.


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  • Degree Name: Master of Music
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  • Degree Discipline: Musicology
  • Academic Department: College of Music
  • Degree Grantor: University of North Texas