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  • Main Title Green Economy in a Blue World


  • Author: United Nations Environment Programme
    Creator Type: Organization


  • Editor: Neumann, Christian
    Contributor Type: Personal
  • Editor: Cavaliere, Christina
    Contributor Type: Personal
  • Contributor: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
    Contributor Type: Organization
  • Contributor: International Maritime Organization
    Contributor Type: Personal
  • Contributor: United Nations Development Programme
    Contributor Type: Personal
  • Contributor: International Union for Conservation of Nature
    Contributor Type: Personal
  • Contributor: WorldFish Center
    Contributor Type: Personal
  • Contributor: GRID-Arendal
    Contributor Type: Personal


  • Name: United Nations Environment Programme
    Place of Publication: P.O. Box 30552 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
  • Name: UNEP DEPI Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems Branch
    Place of Publication: Nairobi, Kenya P.O.Box 30552
  • Name: UNEP DTIE Economics and Trade Branch
    Place of Publication: 11-13, chemin des Anémones CH-1219 Geneva, Switzerland


  • Creation: 2012-01
  • Harvested: 2013-02


  • English


  • Content Description: The objective of ‘Green Economy in a Blue World’ is to analyse the challenges and opportunities of a potential transition towards a green economy in key sectors heavily linked to the marine and coastal environment – the blue world. The report will also analyse the necessary policy and institutional adjustments required for a green transition and will highlight several transformative action items that could come out of Rio+20 to accelerate transition to ocean sustainability. The key sectors (chapters) covered include Fisheries, Transport (shipping), Tourism (coastal), Energy, Marine mineral resources, and ocean nutrient pollution.
  • Physical Description: 132 p.:col.ill.


  • Keyword: green economy
  • Keyword: renewable energy
  • Keyword: sustainable development
  • Keyword: ecosystem
  • Keyword: environmental guideline


  • Name: Environmental Policy Collection
    Code: ESDC


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    Code: UNT


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