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Engaging with the IR Remotely

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Book chapter exploring approaches and methods of engaging with an institutional repository (IR) remotely.

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14 p.

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Johnson-Freeman, Whitney R. & Scott, Megan E. December 2023.


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Book chapter exploring approaches and methods of engaging with an institutional repository (IR) remotely.

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14 p.


Abstract: Outreach is an integral component of managing an institutional repository (IR). Unlike most library services, IRs are collaborative services that require engagement to grow and succeed. Increasing awareness and engagement is one of the main challenges facing IRs. The reasons for this vary, but from technology challenges, copyright concerns, and a continuously shifting user population, it is understandable that maintaining an engaged user base is difficult. While these problems are not new, there is a new challenge: remote work and remote learning. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated an already growing shift toward remote work, disrupted established processes and routines, and exacerbated challenges already faced by IRs. Work-life balances, distractions, and more time spent online made engagement even more difficult and created an environment with less collaboration with individuals outside of already-formed relationships. Higher education has been slow to adopt online education, but “analog on-campus degree-focused learning” may no longer be the only option for a greater number of students and educators, which means the lessons learned during the pandemic may become the standard in the future. Implementing an engaging outreach strategy is one way to address these challenges. This is essentially a long-term, user-centered marketing strategy with focused, consistent messaging that will help build relationships with users. This chapter focuses on developing an engagement strategy, developing an engaging message, and identifying how to best share this message through digital platforms.


  • Rethinking Institutional Repositories: Innovations in Management, Collections, and Inclusion, 2023, Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, pp. 45-58


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  • December 2023

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  • Jan. 16, 2024, 3:55 p.m.

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  • Feb. 2, 2024, 4:08 p.m.

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Johnson-Freeman, Whitney R. & Scott, Megan E. Engaging with the IR Remotely, chapter, December 2023; ( accessed April 17, 2024), University of North Texas Libraries, UNT Digital Library,; .

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