Gossypium hopi: Product Value for Consumers through Heritage, History and Culture

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Paper describes how gossypium hopi cotton production has benefited through using culture and history to connect with customers in branding.

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Taylor, Alicia 2014.


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Paper describes how gossypium hopi cotton production has benefited through using culture and history to connect with customers in branding.

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22 p.


Abstract: Gossypium hopi cotton has a distinctive cultural history and is a part of Pueblo heritage. This study explores the benefits of cultivation and production for consumers as value; for designers, firms and brands as a tool for differentiation and for the Pueblo community as a means of reviving and safeguarding a component of their heritage. Today’s savvy consumer views traditional value offerings such as cost and availability as integral components of products and services they consider for purchase. In order for products to meet consumers’ expectations of distinctiveness, they must offer extraordinary value that connects with the consumer on a more profound level. Consumers’ comprehensive expectations can be met by incorporating Gossypium hopi’s and the Pueblo’s history, culture and heritage into all phases of product development, marketing and promotions. Furthermore, consumers can experience sustainable exclusivity, connect with a brand or product story and feel they are contributing to society through their purchase decisions. Brand differentiation may also be accomplished through this unique value story and communities such as the Pueblo community can continue to strengthen and grow in a culturally sustainable and economically beneficial fashion. Further exploration of methods to elevate Gossypium hopi to a luxury material through sustainable approaches and developing means to mesh new technology with heritage skills may lead to more sustainable competitive advantages for firms and benefits to society.


  • Eagle Feather, Issue 11, University of North Texas Honors College: Denton, Texas. 2014


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  • Publication Title: Eagle Feather
  • Volume: 11
  • Issue: 2014
  • Peer Reviewed: Yes


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