Klallam from A to B

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This paper describes a typology of paths.

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Montler, Timothy August 2004.


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This paper describes a typology of paths.

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14 p.


Abstract: Series of motion and location verbs are used to express
movement from one point to another in Klallam. When no
medial legs are mentioned the end legs of a path are denominal
verbs marked by prefixes meaning 'go to', 'go from', and
'be at'. Medial legs, marked by a verb meaning 'go via', differ
from end legs in that their constituent structure must
include a prepositional phrase specifying the trajectory or
mode. A goal mentioned with a specific medial leg appears
as a renominalized derived verb in a complement clause. The
legs form distinct constituents that can be put in any order -
with the subject and other enclitics following whichever word
comes fIrst.



  • International Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages, August 11-13, 2004. Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.


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  • August 2004

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