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  • Main Title Zero range three-particle equations. [Karlsson-Zeiger equations]


  • Author: Noyes, H.P.
    Creator Type: Personal
  • Author: Zeiger, E.M.
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Name: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
    Place of Publication: California
    Additional Info: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, CA (USA)


  • Creation: 1978-04-01


  • English


  • Content Description: In order to separate the entire effect of two-particle on-shell scatterings in three-particle systems from the effects of hidden mesonic degrees of freedom (off-shell effects and three-body forces), the zero range limit of the Karlsson-Zeiger equations. Although the Faddeev equations are ambiguous in this limit, the KZ equations remain well defined. Using only two-particle phase shifts, binding energies, and reduced widths, these zero-range equations uniquely predict the three-particle observables which would occur in the absence of hidden mesonic degrees of freedom. The three-particle amplitudes possess all requisite physical symmetry properties, and can be proved to be unitary if the spectator basis is orthonormal and complete. Possible extensions of the scheme for the analysis of three-particle final states, to zero range four-particle equations, and to relativistic systems are conjectured.
  • Physical Description: Pages: 8


  • Keyword: Amplitudes
  • Keyword: Energy Range
  • Keyword: Nuclear Forces
  • Keyword: Scattering Amplitudes
  • STI Subject Categories: 72 Physics Of Elementary Particles And Fields
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  • STI Subject Categories: 73 Nuclear Physics And Radiation Physics
  • Keyword: Deuterium Target
  • Keyword: Nucleon Reactions
  • Keyword: Equations
  • STI Subject Categories: 653001 -- Nuclear Theory-- Nuclear Structure, Moments, Spin, & Models
  • Keyword: Integral Equations
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  • Keyword: Relativistic Range
  • Keyword: Neutron-Deuteron Interactions
  • Keyword: Nuclear Reactions
  • Keyword: Final-State Interactions
  • Keyword: Three-Body Problem
  • Keyword: Faddeev Equations
  • Keyword: Hadron Reactions
  • STI Subject Categories: 651215 -- Nuclear Properties & Reactions, A=1-5, Theoretical-- Nuclear Reactions & Scattering-- (-1987)
  • Keyword: Targets 645500* -- High Energy Physics-- Scattering Theory-- (-1987)
  • Keyword: Mesons
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  • Report No.: SLAC-PUB-2114
  • Grant Number: EY-76-S-03-0326
  • DOI: 10.2172/6653770
  • Office of Scientific & Technical Information Report Number: 6653770
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