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  • Main Title Neutral beam injector research and development work in the USA


  • Author: Pyle, R.V.
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  • Name: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
    Place of Publication: Berkeley, California
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  • Creation: 1978-07-01


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  • Content Description: We describe neutral beam injector research and development at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. All neutral beam systems for present and near-term applications are based on the acceleration and neutralization of positive ions. The research and development is carried out at LBL/LLL and ORNL. Present emphasis at LBL/LLL is on 80 to 120 kV systems for the mirror program and for the TFTR and D III tokamaks. Present emphasis at ORNL is on 40 to 80 kV systems for the PLT, ISX, and PDX, and 80 to 200 kV systems for LPTT and TNS tokamaks. Injectors for the future experiments and reactors may operate at energies of 200 keV or higher, especially for mirror machine applications, where positive-ion-based efficiencies will be very low, assuming no energy recovery. Research on negative-ion-based systems with potentially high efficiencies is carried out at BNL and at LBL/LLL and ORNL. The first demonstration of a high-power neutral beam based on negative ions is planned for 1980.
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  • Conference: 7. conference on plasma physics and control, Innsbruck, Austria, 23 Aug 1978


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