Electrostatic Effects in III-V Semiconductor Based Metal-optical Nanostructures Metadata

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  • Main Title Electrostatic Effects in III-V Semiconductor Based Metal-optical Nanostructures


  • Author: Gryczynski, Karol Grzegorz
    Creator Type: Personal


  • Chair: Neogi, Arup
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  • Name: University of North Texas
    Place of Publication: Denton, Texas
    Additional Info: www.unt.edu


  • Creation: 2012-05


  • English


  • Content Description: The modification of the band edge or emission energy of semiconductor quantum well light emitters due to image charge induced phenomenon is an emerging field of study. This effect observed in quantum well light emitters is critical for all metal-optics based light emitters including plasmonics, or nanometallic electrode based light emitters. This dissertation presents, for the first time, a systematic study of the image charge effect on semiconductor–metal systems. the necessity of introducing the image charge interactions is demonstrated by experiments and mathematical methods for semiconductor-metal image charge interactions are introduced and developed.


  • Keyword: Semiconductor
  • Keyword: photoluminescence
  • Keyword: method of images
  • Keyword: plasmonics


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  • Academic Department: Department of Physics
  • Degree Discipline: Physics
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  • Degree Name: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Degree Grantor: University of North Texas
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